Doom from 1993 launched on four monitors. Not every modern game is capable of this.

American YouTuber Shelby Jeweden discovered a little-known feature of Doom, released in 1993. He ran it on four monitors, getting an ultra-wide view and a separate map screen.

Older computers do not support multiple monitors, so the blogger had to use four separate PCs, syncing them directly to Doom over the local network. Synchronization instructions were available in the documentation that came with the game:

If you have a network, try setting up a network game with three players.

The three terminals should have the parameters:

doom -devparm -nodes 3 -left

doom -devparm -nodes 3
doom -devparm -nodes 3 -right

To make the experience as authentic as possible, Shelby ran Doom in MS-DOS 6.22, but the recommended 386 computers were not found, so I had to resort to builds based on Intel Pentium 4 with floppy drive emulators, to which the image of the original game floppy disks was mounted.

It is known that support for four monitors was in Doom until version 1.6, and then the developers abandoned it. Obviously, in those years, few people took advantage of this opportunity due to the lack of the necessary equipment due to its high cost.