Diablo: DevilutionX version 1.2.0 released

Diablo DevilutionX 1.2.0 released

Version 1.2.0 of the DevilutionX project has been released – this project aims at reworking the source code of the first Diablo for modern operating systems and platforms. The main thing added in the new version is support for Hellfire add-on content with the ability to migrate saves between it and the original game.

You can download the new version from the project’s GitHub page. To play, you will need the DIABDAT.MPQ file, which can be taken from the original disc or from the folder with the installed GOG version. Hellfire also needs hellfire.mpq, hfmonk.mpq, hfmusic.mpq and hfvoice.mpq files.

Diablo: DevilutionX version 1.2.0 released

DevilutionX is an open source project based on the recovered source code of the original Diablo. Its developers are working on porting the game to new platforms including Mac, Linux, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita and OpenDingux-based handheld consoles, as well as improving the game’s compatibility with modern versions of Windows. New features, such as widescreen monitor support and interface and control improvements, are also gradually being implemented.

Diablo: DevilutionX 1.2.0 List of Changes:

Game process

  • Hellfire support
  • Shareware support
  • Full migration of saves between Diablo and Hellfire
  • The picked up gold goes into the stack even if the inventory is open
  • Pepin automatically heals
  • Other players are displayed on the map
  • Maintaining a position in the list when buying and selling items in stores
  • Save hotkeys and active spells between games
  • New heroes have their default spell automatically selected
  • Experience bar (disabled by default)
  • Monster health bar (disabled by default)
  • Automatic equipping of all types of items when picking up or buying (disabled by default)
  • Automatic gold picking (disabled by default)
  • City running (disabled by default) (also in multiplayer mode)
  • Disable friendly fire for arrows and spells (disabled by default)
  • Disable job randomization (disabled by default)
  • Diablo Barbarian and Bard (disabled by default)


  • Using the belt with the Numpad
  • Closing panels by pressing Esc
  • Using all stat points at once with Shift + click
  • Cancel the selected spell with Shift + click
  • Moving items between inventory and belt via Shift + click
  • Equipping items via Shift + click
  • Reassigning actions on a controller
  • Cross and left stick now work in all menus and are more responsive
  • Start + Select now opens the main menu
  • Improved mouse emulation with right stick
  • Gamepads can now be used even if they were plugged in after starting the game
  • Now you can use all connected gamepads (previously you could only use the first one)

Graphics / Audio

  • Widescreen menus
  • Scrolls subtitles at the same speed as read by the narrator
  • Volume settings affect video
  • Improved transparency (enabled by default)
  • Auto-equipment sounds (disabled by default)
  • Show monster type (off by default)
  • Disable Walking Sounds (Disabled by default)

Stability / Performance / System Changes

  • Settings ini file documented
  • Reorganization of the ini file.
  • Supports up to 99 saves of each type
  • Much less memory usage (now comparable to the original)
  • Configurable network port
  • Performance improvements
  • DIABDAT.MPQ can now be used with an uppercase name
  • Support for portable installations
  • Support for file paths longer than 259 characters
  • Added the -ttf-dir and -ttf-name parameters to use a different interface font
  • Windows version is now 64-bit
  • Added support for Nintendo 3DS
  • Added PlayStation Vita support
  • Added support for DragonFly BSD
  • Added AppImage for Linux

With this version, the original Diablo has finally established itself in the pantheon of ever-ported games alongside Doom, Quake and LucasArts adventure games.