Biggest leak of all time shows the game world, cars and the main characters

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Von: Philip Hansen

It’s the mega leak of the year: over 90 clips have been released for GTA 6 showing the characters, cars, the setting and more.

New York, USA – GTA 6 continues to be something of the Holy Grail of video games. But the secret of developer Rockstar Games is about to be unveiled, because now heaps of videos with gameplay have appeared. Just a few minutes after the information became known, Twitter went completely nuts, GTA trended, the hype is unbroken. shows you the most important tidbits from the GTA leak.

name of the game Grand Theft Auto VI
Release (date of first publication) TBA
Publisher Rockstar Games
Serie Grand Theft Auto
platforms PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC (unconfirmed)
developer Rockstar North
Genre Open-World, Action-Adventure

GTA 6 shows first gameplay: characters and cars – insider says: “really leaked, damn”

This can be seen about GTA 6: Several clips with supposed GTA 6 gameplay have appeared. These are developer builds showing how GTA 6 is being worked on. You can see many lines of code and test environments, probably from developer Rockstar.

There are so many leaks that it’s hard to list them all. New clips are added every minute. But see for yourself. We’ve picked out the most important gameplay leaks for GTA 6 for you. The leakers shared material on Twitter, which we embed here.

We see a female character heavily armed in a shootout with the police. The clip is over 2 minutes long. Keep in mind that developer Rockstar or publisher Take2 could have the tweets blocked. Unfortunately, you would then no longer see any material from the GTA6 leak here.

In the second Twitter clip, we see a male character in a summery outfit standing by a pool at what appears to be a motel or similar. He listens to the conversation of 2 rednecks letting loose conspiracy babble. Another video shows the robbery of a diner:

It is interesting here that the game files indicate 2021 as the creation date, so the material is a bit older. Since GTA has always had a big focus on cars, we show you another leak where we see the inside of a vehicle in a test environment:

This is what the leak says about the main characters:

  • Main male character: Jason – the gentleman with the hat
  • Main female character: Lucia – the lady with the pink sweater

This would also prove true for another leak that spoke of a female main character in GTA 6 – the noose is slowly tightening around Rockstar’s hype machine.

GTA 6: Rockstar’s first gameplay leaked? Twitter is going completely nuts

Who is the information from? The leaks spread like wildfire on Twitter. But even well-known leakers like Okami Games, who have a high standing in the industry as insiders, go along with it. As one of the main sources “ROCKSTAR OFFICAL ACCOUNT” on Twitter called. Of course, this is not the real Rockstar account. But it seems to be a developer or someone with access rights.

GTA 6: The next title should be this big – setting and map size in detail © Reddit: MaNu9564/Unsplash (Montage)

Real or just very good fake? In the US, the GTA 6 trends are blowing up Twitter completely. In just a few minutes, 15,000 tweets popped up. So the topic is hot, the hype about GTA 6 is unbroken. The Insider Okami Games says on Twitterthat the leaks “are either really good fakes or real. But I tend to be real“. After more and more supposed gameplay videos, he even says: “Really leaked, damn it”.

Unfortunately, we cannot finally assess whether the material shown about GTA 6 is really genuine. Until Rockstar Games itself shows official gameplay, everything remains just speculation. Even if the chances of this leak look really good. Incidentally, another piece of information about GTA 6 recently caused a stir, because a voice actress declared the work over.