Back to the Future isn’t just DeLorean: Hollywood’s most famous Toyota up for auction

One of the most iconic cars of the 80s thanks also to an Oscar-winning participation in the famous American film. His legend continues in 2021.

Who has not seen “Back to the future”, the famous Hoolywoodian saga that sees the protagonist Michael J. Fox in a wonderful trilogy that, like in the best films, is enriched by a series of truly spectacular cars? Just think of the Delorean and also to the Toyota SR-5; if you don’t know the Japanese car, we will refresh your memory.

Toyota SR-5 (Web source)

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Toyota SR-5 up for auction, from normal car to Hollywood icon (not surprisingly)

The 1985 Toyota SR-5 is very special, as it appears in Back to the Future. One of its most faithful reproductions ever is up for auction – its value has not yet been revealed – also thanks to details that may appear superficial but which in this case are impossible not to highlight like the branded spotlights KC Daylighter and a so-called “yellow hood” on the roll bar.

Toyota SR-5
Toyota SR-5 (Web source)

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It was a car coveted by millions and millions of fans and viewers precisely because of its cinematic nature. Of course, the Delorean was largely the “queen” of the trilogy, but the apparitions of this splendid Toyota should not be forgotten either, which has left its mark for many people and, moreover, helped make it iconic a “normal” car which was the SR-5.


This means rremember them minutely the one that appeared in the aforementioned films thanks to the thousand details not overlooked on the car. A unique piece that also impressed former US President Ronald Reagan.


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This car was also fitted with a more advanced engine that exceeded 100 HP of power, at least in the new version that ended up on the market in North America among other locations, and combined with a five-speed gearbox.


the vehicle in question in the US was inspired by the construction of various buses and Martin’s adventures McFly helped make this machine a living legend that we now hope will end up in the right hands.

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