Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Locating Village Cocorico on the Map

Present in many opuses of the license, the Cocorico Village is obviously back in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If it’s not really close to where you’ll start the adventure, you might quickly want to go there. We tell you everything about the Kakariko village in TOTK.

The side quest A message from ancient times, given by Lizron at Fort de Guet, will surely be your first motivation to go to Kakariko Village. For more information on the latter, we refer you to our dedicated guide. Once there, you can then do a few more side quests and take an interest in the famous circular vestige. Unfortunately, unless you arrive at Kakariko village after having done the first 4 temples, you will not be able to do much with the latter since it will be blocked by the archaeological team. To unlock access, you will need to start the main quest The Fifth Sagewhich is one of the most advanced in the game. Finally, note that you can buy two different sets of outfits in the Cocorico village: the stealth outfit and the nox outfit. However, the latter are relatively expensive since you will need 1800 rubies to buy the first and 2400 rubies to buy the second.


If you want to find Kakariko Village fairly quickly in the TOTK adventure, you will have to move away a little from the path that leads you to the 4 main objectives. Indeed, Cocorico Village is located south of the Lanelle Swamps and southeast of Fort de Guet. To reach it easily, we advise you to take the road that leads east from Fort Watch, exactly as if you wanted to reach the Zora domain. Once you face the swamps, turn south and follow the road that passes through the mountains. The Karicoco village is located in the heart of these. To see its precise location on the map, we leave you the screenshot below:

To find the Cocorico village even more easily, we advise you to first activate the Tour of the Sahasla plain. From that of Fort de Guet, you should be able to see it looking to the southeast. Note that it is just north of the Gemini Mountains which you will easily recognize if you have played Breath of the Wild. To activate it, however, you will have to explore a little to go through a certain cave nearby. For more information on this subject, we refer you to our dedicated guide.