You can only get the Master Ball for free for a few hours – here’s how to get the ball afterwards

In Pokémon GO, the Master Ball study is nearing its end. How do you get the coveted ball if it no longer works?

This is the Masterball study: This is long-term, temporary research. It came with the start of the current season “Abundant Adventures” and ends today, November 21, 2023, at 8:00 p.m.

This means you only have a few hours left to collect the bonuses and the coveted second Master Ball. Anyone who doesn’t make it by 8:00 p.m. will lose the chance to win the free master ball and probably also lose any other task progress.


For some coaches, the end probably comes too soon. On social media, for example Subreddit “TheSilphRoad” for Pokémon GO, trainers are currently discussing the end of the study. The statements range from “I think I can still do it today” to “Is it still possible today?” to trainers who simply can’t do it anymore. Others have already solved the study.

Overall, the study was not easy to solve. It demanded a lot of time from you. And the task of 60 raids in particular poses a major hurdle for many trainers.

We want to know from you: Did you complete the Master Ball study? Take part in the survey as soon as you can see how the study will end for you:

And how do you get the second Master Ball without the study?

Master Ball task comes to the shop

This is how you get the master ball: The announcement for the new “Party Up” event in Pokémon GO also mentions that all players who have not completed the study will be able to purchase a Master Ball research in the shop.

This will then bring a master ball as a reward, but will cost money, in contrast to the previous study. Here, too, there will be tasks to solve before the ball goes into the item bag.

The second championship ball also came with the current season

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What is still unclear is:

  • How much the new research should cost.
  • What kind of tasks are involved?
  • Whether any form of progress will be adopted from the study.

We will keep you updated here as soon as more information on these points is known.

What did you think of the Meisterball study? Did you like the long task or was it not for you? Would you like to see similar series of tasks in the future? Tell us in the comments!