You can now play this Mario classic for free until infinity

Is it once again the hour for Nintendo's lawyers? A very special version of a legendary Mario classic has appeared online, which is likely to be a thorn in the side of the console manufacturer. The highlight: The early version of the Mario game is completely free to download available. You don't even have to own a Nintendo console such as the Switch.

A new Mario game, based on a Nintendo classic, is making people sit up and take notice

This jumping plumber with red cap, blue dungarees and magnificent purrs looks all too familiar. At Infinite Mario 64 it is a fan project that deals with a very special Nintendo classic busy. As you can see at first glance, we are dealing with a very special version of Super Mario 64.


As the masterpiece in 1996 as a launch title for the N64 released, it redefined the world of 3D platformers. In the new version mentioned above, you can theoretically jump with Mario to infinity. A Level generator always creates new level sections so that you never reach the end.

Where can you play this Mario game for free?

Infinite Mario 64 is available for free on the Gaming platform for download. Some might now object that Infinite Mario 64 doesn't necessarily have much in common with the original, apart from the hero character and the graphic style. However, the following is interesting.

You can only play the automatic level generator if you have a Super Mario 64 NTSC ROM without any mods in the games directory of his PC. And that is exactly what could become a big problem for the ambitious project.


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As is well known, Super Mario 64 is only available exclusively for Nintendo consoles. The developer also points this out indirectly in the Installation instructions “Unfortunately I can't help you get this ROM – you'll have to do it yourself.”

It is currently unclear whether Nintendo will let its notorious lawyers off the leash in this matter. The video game giant, which monitors its brands like a hawk, would definitely be capable of doing so. This has already happened in the past unwanted emulators for Nintendo consoles and pirated copies of legendary Nintendo classics like Mario Kart or Zelda.

Source: Nintendolife via Time Extension