Yandex, a Russian tech giant, introduces open-source “YaFSDP” tool for training large language models: boosts GPU efficiency and speeds up Llama 3 by 26%

Gamingdeputy reported on June 11 that Russian technology giant Yandex launched an open source large language model training tool——YaFSDPclaiming to be up to 26% faster than existing tools.

According to reports, YaFSDP outperforms the traditional FSDP method in terms of training speed, especially for large models. In terms of pre-training LLM, YaFSDP is 20% faster and performs better under high memory pressure conditions.


For example, YaFSDP can achieve a 21% efficiency improvement for Llama 2 with 70 billion parameters, and a 26% efficiency improvement for Llama 3 with the same level of parameters.

Llama 2 7B64204809.92%
Llama 2 7B64409603.43%
Llama 2 7B64819202.68%
Llama 2 7B128204809.57%
Llama 2 7B128409602.42%
Llama 2 7B128819202.32%
Llama 2 13B1282048012.10%
Llama 2 13B128409603.49%
Llama 2 34B1282048020.70%
Llama 2 34B2562048021.99%
Llama 2 34B256409658.35%
Llama 2 70B25620481021.48%
Llama 2 70B2564096507.17%
Llama 3 8B642048011.91%
Llama 3 8B64409607.86%
Llama 3 70B25620482026.60%

Yandex says that by optimizing GPU usage, YaFSDP can save developers and companies a lot of money — potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Mikhail Khruschev, a senior developer at Yandex and a member of the YaFSDP team, also mentioned that “we are currently actively trying various model architectures and parameter sizes to expand the versatility of YaFSDP.”



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