Xunfei Xinghuo App is launched on the Apple iOS platform: it is equipped with V1.5 cognitive model and must be used after obtaining internal test qualifications

News from Gamingdeputy on June 15th, on June 9th at the 24th anniversary celebration of iFlytek, Xunfei Xunhuo Cognitive Model V1.5 was officially released, and now Xunfei announced on the official website,The iOS beta version of the Xinghuo Cognitive Model is now officially launched on the Apple iOS platform.

▲ Picture source Apple App Store

Xunfei said that at present, Xinghuo is the first to realize “PC, iOS,androidapplets and HTML5 mainstream platforms, and support”History synchronization across devices“, users can freely switch among such mainstream system platforms.


▲ Picture source Xunfei official website

It is said that the App currently has a variety of applications such as “language understanding”, “knowledge question and answer”, “logical reasoning”, and “mathematical question answering”.

Xunfei official website shows,The current Xinghuo cognitive model language “can translate multiple languages”, “extract summaries based on text”, “check grammatical errors and provide suggestions”, “analyze the emotional color in text”, “provide common sense of life, work, medical treatment, history, etc. information function” and “upload photos to answer math problems”.

Xunfei said that at present, in terms of open knowledge questions and answers, through the improvement of search plug-ins, language comprehension ability and general expression ability, the Spark Cognitive Model effectively solves the problems that new knowledge is difficult to update, and factual questions and answers are easy to “confuse”. In terms of logic and numerical ability, long-chain thinking chain reasoning and mathematical logic reasoning have been effectively improved; in terms of multi-round dialogue ability, specific complex tasks can be completed.

▲ Picture source Xunfei official website

Gamingdeputy noticed that,Currently using the app requires “inside beta qualification”you need to submit an application on the official website of Xunfei, and you can participate in the internal test and log in after passing the review.