Xingshan Technology Unveils Range of New Products and Cross-Brand Device Connectivity Support After One Year

Gamingdeputy reported on June 28 that Huawei released the short-range wireless connection technology “NearLink” in August last year. This technology uses a set of standards that combine the advantages of traditional wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and WIFI, and is suitable for a variety of scenarios such as consumer electronics, smart homes, new energy vehicles, and industrial intelligent manufacturing.


This technology has been released for nearly a year. During this period, various manufacturers have launched various products and equipment that support Star Flash technology, including mobile phones, tablets, stylus pens, mice, keyboards, game controllers, etc.

Currently, most devices using Star Flash technology do not support the connection of devices of different brands. For example, Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2, which supports Star Flash technology, cannot connect to Thundergod Star Flash Mouse ML903. After asking the official customer service of each brand, Gamingdeputy learned that: Currently, Huawei devices only support the connection of its own Star Flash technology devices, and other devices equipped with Star Flash technology also only support Star Flash connection through receivers.


At this year's Huawei HDC 2024 Developer Conference, connection problems between different Star Flash devices have begun to be resolved. For example, Betu has officially announced that it has successfully integrated with Huawei's Star Flash products, becoming the first handle brand that can achieve direct connection with Star Flash products.

According to Xu Haowei, chief scientist of short-distance communications at Huawei Device BG,Since the launch of Star Flash, the number of products has increased by 7 times, the number of chips has increased by 3 times, and the number of chip factories has increased to 6.Star Flash technology will emerge around the following four intelligent scenarios:

  • Personal intelligence: Xingshan Audio & Search (higher sound quality, wider application)

  • Smart office: Starlight Office (lower latency)

  • Intelligent travel: Xingshan car key (more precise positioning)

  • Whole house intelligence: Xingshan network management (lower power consumption)

Personal intelligence

According to reports, the current TWS headset lossless sound quality transmission is 990kbs, CD-level lossless sound quality needs to reach 1.4Mbps. Huawei FreedBus Pro 3, which uses the Star Flash core technology Polar code L2HC 3.0 encoding technology, supports 1.5Mbps transmission.2.3Mbps lossless transmission headphones will be launched later.

Star Flash technology will also provide personal device search function.Support floor positioningAt the same time, Huawei will also open access to third-party devices to maintain consistent search capabilities. The Star Flash search function has the following features:

  • Floor positioning: long distance + floor positioning

  • Long distance measurement: medium and long distance + precise distance measurement

  • Directional: medium distance + azimuth perception

  • Perceptible: close distance + sound perception

▲ The “Find” page in the picture is an Apple device, used for comparison

Xingshan Search supports 300 million devices to anonymously upload their device locations. Xu Haowei said that the goal of Xingshan Search is to “check everything”. When a user's device is lost, the device will send a Xingshan broadcast, and other users can also use it to find the location of the device.HongmengAfter receiving the message, the user on the device will report the encrypted data location information.

Intelligent Office

According to reports, the Huawei Star Flash stylus has a 7.5-fold increase in the frequency of sending packages, a 4-fold increase in the pairing speed, and a 3-fold increase in the speed of first-stroke delivery. Xu Haowei said that third-party stylus manufacturers will be allowed to access the product and provide the same writing capabilities as Huawei's stylus.

The Star Flash Mouse adopts a fast refresh solution, the sensitivity can be large or small, supports a maximum wireless refresh rate of 8KHz, and has low latency characteristics.

In terms of keyboards and game controllers, the Star Flash series of products support direct connection to terminals and support “no need for a dongle, experience high return rate”. Among them, the Star Flash keyboard supports a 250Hz return rate, and the controller directly connected to the terminal can reach a 500Hz return rate.

Intelligent travel

Devices equipped with Star Flash technology support carrier phase measurement to calculate distance.Can provide more accurate ranging accuracy than Bluetooth and longer ranging than UWBIn addition, the smart brand cars will gradually upgrade from Bluetooth car keys to Star Flash car keys in the future. Officials said that users' perception is no different from UWB car keys.

In March this year, the Smart Car Connectivity Industry Ecological Alliance and the International Star Flash Alliance released the “Smart Car Connectivity Industry Ecological Alliance Digital Car Key System Part 6: Star Flash System Requirements”, which was drafted by Huawei, BYD, Changan, GAC, FAW, etc. The standard proposes:

  • Accurate: The positioning accuracy of the Star Flash car key is within 0.6m, and the recognition error inside and outside the car is within 0.2m, which can eliminate the traditional problems of ping-pong and standing still, and meet the experience requirements of the smart entry system;

  • Security: Xingshan itself implements a security mechanism on the underlying link, using TOF technology to obtain the true distance and phase difference ranging to obtain the precise distance, resisting attacks that transmit false signals through signal amplifiers and other means;

  • Stability: High bandwidth and polar coding provide a more stable experience, and the device performs better in complex signal environments such as basements. Its anti-interference feature ensures connection stability, and its anti-multipath feature ensures a better experience in various environments.

  • Long distance: Improve the connection and accuracy at longer distances, detect vehicles earlier, provide sufficient time and more accurate judgment for the interaction between the car and the key, and ensure the consistency of the experience of the smart entry system.

Whole house intelligence

Star Flash will support the use of smart gateways, and will subsequently release the Star Flash 3in1 router. This router product has improved bandwidth speed and supports Bluetooth, Star Flash and Wi-Fi.

According to reports, the Xingshan 3in1 router supports the connection of cameras, mobile phones and other products, and can intelligently switch the connection mode according to the user's usage scenario. For example, when the mobile phone is connected, when high-data connection scenarios are not used (such as watching Douyin, playing games, etc.), Xingshan can be used for transmission, thereby reducing the power consumption of the mobile phone, and achieving “almost no power consumption when the screen is turned off”.

Xingshan technology has two major advantages: fast development and strong performance.More than 200 commonly used interface developmentsAnd interface usage knowledge sorting, at the same time, Xingshan will alsoSupport national encryptionmulti-rate Polar channel coding, the rate is 12Mbps.

In April this year, the Star Flash 2.0 series of standards were released. The new standards completed the Star Flash end-to-end protocol system, providing a more complete communication base and richer application standards.Fully supports Star Flash native audio and video, human-computer interaction, positioning and other applications.

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