Xiaomi Sound smart speaker pushes 2022.12.26 firmware update: adapt to Xiaomi Miaoxiang 2.0

According to news from Gamingdeputy on February 1, according to feedback from netizens, Xiaomi Sound smart speakers began to push the 2022.12.26 stable version firmware update. This update is adapted to Mi Miaoxiang 2.0, which can quickly perform simple operations on the speaker on the mobile phone. in addition,Optimized cooperative wakeup performanceand other stability and security optimizations.

The playback of the speaker can be controlled through the mobile phone, and the device can be dressed up. This includes adding stickers to the device and more.


Starting from MIUI 13, Xiaomi Miaoxiang Center is online, which can realize global device interconnection, support audio-visual relay, application flow, and global broadcast control.

In terms of equipment, the Xiaomi Sound high-fidelity smart speaker was released in August 2021. In addition to being equipped with a 2.25-inch NdFeB dual magnetic circuit full-frequency unit, it is also equipped with dual suspension passive radiators, which can provide a minimum 70Hz dive. The maximum sound pressure of the speaker is 90dB, and it also supports stereo and even multiple combinations.


The speaker also uses a suspended top cover, which is integrated with the sound guide cone to ensure 360° sound. The speaker has UWB connection technology. When the mobile phone is close to the top of the speaker, the audio can be transmitted to the device for playback; when it is close again, the audio will be returned to the mobile phone for playback.

In addition, the speaker also supports the Bluetooth Mesh gateway function, which can connect to Bluetooth smart home devices. The speaker supports Xiao Ai’s voice assistant, which can realize weather, schedule query, control equipment and other functions.