Xiaomi Introduces Mi 14, Pro, and Ultra Models Along with Redmi K60 Extreme Edition, Beginning Internal Testing for Surge OS Official Version

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Gamingdeputy reported on June 28 that Xiaomi officially announced today that in order to give Mi fans a better experience, relevant colleagues have been preparing for many days. Xiaomi 14, Xiaomi 14 Pro, Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Redmi K60 Extreme Edition have officially started the internal test of the official version of Surge OS (to be released before 24:00 today):

  • Xiaomi 14 Update Version

  • Xiaomi 14 Pro Update Version

  • Xiaomi 14 Ultra Update Version

  • Redmi K60 Extreme Edition Update Version

It is reported that this update includes a number of system optimizations. If you are a beta tester of the official version of the above models, you can perform OTA updates through Settings-My Device-System Version; if you are not a beta tester of the official version of the above models, please wait patiently for the subsequent full version push. Xiaomi will gradually push the full version after the official version of the beta test is stable.


Gamingdeputy Attached Update Notes

Negative one screen

  • A new “travel assistant function” has been added to intelligently remind you of train and flight schedules, making travel more convenient (subsequently, the Smart Assistant app needs to be upgraded to version 5.12.2 or above, the SMS to version or above, and the MiAI engine to version 2.2 or above in the Xiaomi App Store to support it)

  • Optimize the loading speed of negative one screen

Basic experience

  • Optimize application preloading and increase application startup speed

  • Optimize startup animation strategy to reduce application startup delay

  • Optimize the system resource recovery strategy when switching applications to improve application fluency

  • Optimize memory usage and improve the fluency of vibrato

  • Fixed an issue where too many notifications could cause the system to restart

  • Fixed the issue of no sound when making calls in some scenarios

Photo Album

  • Optimize video synchronization strategy to improve playback smoothness

  • Fixed the issue that the album preview takes too long to load when a large number of pictures are generated in a short period of time

  • Fixed the issue where the photo time was lost during cloud synchronization, resulting in incorrect dates

  • Fixed an issue where photos would reappear after being deleted during cloud sync

  • Fixed the issue that some models of time cards cannot be played

  • Fixed the issue where the album preview displayed abnormally when taking a large number of photos continuously

File Management

  • Optimize the loading speed of file list


  • Optimize calculator key sensitivity

small parts

  • Fixed the abnormal zoom animation issue when clicking the music widget

  • Fixed a rare display anomaly when adding a clock widget

General control

  • Fixed the issue that the single-line notification icon was not fully displayed

  • Fixed the issue where only the icon is displayed for blank notifications

  • Fixed the issue that some quick switches in the control center may fail with a low probability

  • Fixed the issue where the 5G icon is not fully displayed after switching the font size or switching the third-party font in the status bar

Lock screen

  • Optimize the trigger strategy of long pressing the lock screen to enter editing to reduce accidental touches

Notes/ Creations

  • Fixed the issue where cloud synchronization failed when the size of note attachments exceeded 20M

Alarm clock

  • Fixed the issue where the alarm could not be turned off by pressing a button after it sounded

Security and Privacy

  • Optimize the calculation rules of physical examination scores to improve the accuracy of physical examination scores

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