Xeon host 400 rented for one month?I also want to collect this IQ tax

Core i7 is stronger than i5, and i9 is stronger than i7. This is the perception of many people. Of course, if you mention Xeon, I believe many people will have their eyes bright, especially the powerful host built with Xeon E5 processor and 48GB memory. Renting only 400 yuan a month, does it feel very profitable? Recently, our APP Q&A has received such questions, but based on experience, using Xeon E5 and various magic modification machines are basically standard equipment for “garbage guys”. Of course, this question is no exception. When it comes to Xeon, many people will ask, isn’t this product used for servers and workstations? That’s right, but who said that “Wang Xietang Qianyan” can’t “fly into the homes of ordinary people”? Besides, the retired Xeon is stronger than the Core i7 of the same generation, but the price is much lower, why not do it? However, these configurations are only for old birds to play with, and it is best not to touch it for novices, especially the second-hand Xeon CPU is old after all, and the servers in the data center do not know how many 7×24 hours of “exercise”, it can be said that it is basically It’s all foreign garbage.However, the biggest benefit of foreign garbage