Xbox Series X and S have become more expensive

SEK 6,200 for a Series X – it’s expensive to be a gamer today.

Microsoft has raised the price of both of its Xbox consoles.


The more powerful Xbox Series X now costs SEK 6,195 in the company’s online store, an increase of SEK 500.The little sibling Xbox Series S also steps up a few hundred bucks and now costs SEK 3,895.

Retailers have also raised the price of the Series X, and it costs as much as Microsoft charges.Series S, on the other hand, is still available from approximately SEK 3,300.

It is unusual for two-year-old hardware to increase in price, but the troubled global situation and inflation may be behind the increases.Sony raised Playstation 5 prices by roughly the same amount last August.Shortly thereafter, Microsoft said that it did not plan a corresponding increase for the Xbox Series, but now it has been forced to change its mind.Nintendo hasn’t raised the price of the Switch, but then again, it’s almost six years old and has cost roughly the same for the last five years or so.