Xbox: Insider: Previous hardware developer replaced by Surface team

Despite all the current rumors, Microsoft wants to stick to its own hardware in the future. However, the next Xbox console will no longer come from the same team as the current Xbox Series X/S.


There is currently a lot of speculation surrounding Microsoft and the Xbox division that the company wants to switch to a multiplatform strategy in the future. This means that numerous Xbox exclusive titles will also come to competing platforms such as Sony's PlayStation. Clarity in this regard should prevail this Thursday, as the promised official business update from Microsoft has now been dated. Accordingly, there will be a special edition of the official Xbox podcast on February 15, 2024 at 9:00 p.m. German time. Xbox boss Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond and Matt Booty will then speak there.

It is generally expected that Microsoft's multiplatform strategy, which has recently been so prominently featured in the rumor mill, will be officially announced. At the same time, it recently became public that the company still wants to produce more Xbox consoles. Fans of Xbox hardware can breathe a sigh of relief, but there will apparently be new developments here too.

With Nick Baker aka Shpeshal_Nick, one of the most reliable insiders has now spoken out in the new XboxEra Podcast and reports that Jason Ronald and his team will no longer be responsible for the development of the next Xbox console. He was still in charge of the current Xbox Series X/S.


Accordingly, Ronald, who also played a key role in designing the previous Xbox One X, and his team have been replaced by the hardware team that is also responsible for the Microsoft Surface. This is particularly interesting because there have recently been initial reports that Microsoft is seriously thinking about an Xbox handheld or a portable Xbox. Tablet aka Surface experience certainly can't hurt either.

What Microsoft will announce about its future direction this week will be eagerly awaited. However, it is unlikely that there will be any information about new Xbox hardware. We will keep you up to date!

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