Xbox Game Pass subscriber numbers grow slower than expected

Xbox Game Pass subscriber numbers grow slower than expected

Between July 1, 2020 and June 31, 2021, Microsoft gained 37.5 percent more Game Pass subscribers. That is less than the target of 47.8 percent. Last year, Xbox gained 85.6 percent more new subscribers than its target.

Microsoft announces the increase in Game Pass subscribers in a financial document. The expectation for the fiscal year of 2021 was already a lot lower than that of the fiscal year of 2020. A growth of 71 percent was forecast for 2020, but at the time the company exceeded it. For competition reasons, Microsoft says that it will only share the growth figures for the time being; the company does not say how many subscribers there are now.


In januari had Game Pass about eighteen million subscribers, three million more than in September last year. game analyst Daniel Ahmad expected based on the new figures that the number of Game Pass subscribers now exceeds twenty million. On October 26, Microsoft promises to release the full quarterly figures.

The Game Pass service gives players access to over 100 games on Xbox consoles and PC. Those games can be played indefinitely as long as the subscription runs. The majority of games from Xbox Game Studios, which recently also included the Bethesda studios, will be available on the service from the moment of release. Xbox Game Pass costs 10 euros per month. The Game Pass Ultimate subscription, with which players can also play online, costs 13 euros per month.



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