Xbox Game Pass reaches a symbolic milestone! More than 500 games are offered | Xbox

Launched in 2017, Xbox Game Pass has come a long way since its debut. After the creation of PC Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the integration of Xbox day one games or even the arrival of Bethesda titles in the service, the subscription can now boast of having reached an impressive milestone symbolic.

A symbolic milestone for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

At the time of writing, exactly 504 games are available on console. Note that this figure includes EA Play games and therefore only concerns Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. As for PC Game Pass, 468 games can be launched.


In 2023, we counted 140 entries into Game Pass compared to 122 exits. This year, 80 games joined the catalog and only 47 left it. The total number of games therefore continues to increase little by little.

Note, however, that this week, 5 titles will be released from the catalog. We can expect the total number of games in Game Pass to continue to skyrocket, as productions from Activision and Blizzard are expected to be added soon.

Dozens of other games are expected in Game Pass in the months and years to come. You can find all the details in this article, where we have listed the more than 60 productions that are planned in the service.

Game Pass, various games that will arrive en masse

It is obviously not the quantity that counts, but the quality. Fortunately for subscribers to the service, Game Pass can boast of combining the two, to the greatest pleasure of players.


Microsoft is not content to include small games or only productions aimed at a large audience in the catalog, but rather offers variety, a bit like what was presented during Xbox Games Showcase.

Today we find absolutely all genres of games in the subscription and we will soon be able to enjoy juggernauts like Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 or even DOOM: The Dark Ages next year. Although Xbox offers some of its games on other platforms, Game Pass and the Xbox ecosystem will always remain its platforms of choice.

Over time, the catalog continues to grow, so we can wonder if the price of the subscription will not increase in the months to come.