Xbox Executive provides in-depth analysis of competition with Nintendo Switch

Is Microsoft working on a portable Xbox console? Phil Spencer is now fueling the rumors that the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck will have to prepare for a new competitor in the future.

Xbox has just announced three new console models of the Series X|S, and boss Phil Spencer is already hinting at the next hardware innovation. In an interview, the Microsoft Gaming CEO stated that he wants a handheld console for Xbox – a telling indication of the company’s future plans.


Is Xbox planning an attack on the Switch and Steam Deck?

In an interview with IGN, Spencer openly admitted that a mobile console would be a desirable project for him.I think we should also have a handheld console“, he said – it couldn't be clearer. However, he didn't want to reveal much more and referred to Sarah Bond, the Xbox president.

Check out the interview with Xbox boss Phil Spencer on YouTube:

(Source: IGN, YouTube)

But Spencer did let one small detail slip out of his sleeve – he would prefer an Xbox handheld on which locally stored games could be playedas is possible with the Steam Deck or devices such as the ROG Ally or Lenovo Legion Go. A pure streaming console in the style of the PlayStation Portal does not seem to be of interest to Microsoft.


The Xbox Series X is currently reduced in price at Amazon:

Rumors about the next Xbox are heating up

So it sounds like Xbox is working on to enter the handheld market – Rumors about a prototype have been circulating for months.

However, a portable console is not the only project that Microsoft is currently rumored to be involved in. The successor to the Xbox Series X|S could, according to rumors, be more like a PC than ever before and even open up to other platforms like Steam. However, there is no confirmed information about this potentially revolutionary step yet.

In 2024, Xbox will initially be launching three new console models of the Series X|S: