Xbox continues to dominate in Japan with its consoles

Xbox console and Japan hand in hand? Depopulated in the Japanese world, green-crossed hardware platforms are making the sales boom

Based on statistics shared not long ago by Famitsuit seems that consoles in Japan Xbox Series X have been able to sell well 3272 pieces. While the Series S has reached a figure that is around 3423. A very different result from that achieved by the PlayStation 5, which managed to sell “only” 2371 standard and 664 digital edition.

Xbox dominates console Japan (source microsoft)

These are numbers that do not depend on whether Microsoft be more successful, but it is one clear consequence of a situation that Sony he is finding himself living. In fact, the company is still facing gods problems inherent in the scarcity of products. To the point of bringing home unsatisfactory results, even if the future seems to be turning for the better.

Japan loves Xbox consoles so much… skyrocketing sales

Meanwhile, theXbox Game Pass is heading towards big news. However, in the past 7 days, Xbox has managed to sell 6242 units, while the Japanese console has brought home a result equal to almost double. That is to say of 12440 units sold. A situation that leads Xbox to very poor sales over the whole of Japan, in which they have been sold in total 1.69 million from PS5. While the greencrossed house led home “as soon as” 232 thousand consul. However, Xbox has managed to overtake Sony again and that is a fact that is not overshadowed.

Xbox dominates console Japan
Xbox dominates console Japan (source microsoft)

However, Japanese soil loves another console in particular. In fact, only during the last 7 days, Nintendo Switch Light And Nintendo Switch Oled they were able to sell well 50 thousand units. A much higher figure compared to what they sold Xbox And PlayStation. This situation is also given by the fact that there are 20 Nintendo titles in the list of most wanted in Japan.

Although there is this perennial war between Sony and XboxJapan dotes on the world Nintendo. In fact it seems that the Switch, has nevertheless managed to dominate the Japanese market unchallenged. A love that never ends, apparently, not even with the advent of new generation.

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