Xbox: a chatbot to answer user questions with AI – News

First informed by its sources, The Verge has obtained confirmation from Microsoft about this chatbot currently in the internal testing phase and which takes the form of an animated character when responding to user requests. Connected to Microsoft support documents, the chatbot can answer queries usually handled by Xbox Support and even process game refunds. Still considered a prototype, this chatbot is close enough to release for Microsoft to confirm its existence, without however mentioning a window of availability for the public.


“How can I help you today?” »

We're testing an Xbox Support Virtual Agent, an internal prototype of an animated character that can query Xbox Support via voice or text. The prototype makes it easier and faster for gamers to get help on support topics using natural language, pulling information from existing Xbox Support pages “, explains Haiyan Zhang, general manager of AI at Xbox. Microsoft already offers businesses using its Azure platform conversational artificial intelligence bots. Ultimately, AI could also play a role in moderation tasks, security monitoring or even providing assistance to players stuck in a game.

According to The Verge, this chatbot would be just one example that is part of a field of application aimed at integrating AI more widely into the Xbox ecosystem. “ Sources told me that Microsoft is also working on introducing AI capabilities into game content creation, game operations, and the Xbox platform and devices. These include experimenting with AI-generated art and assets for games, AI playtesting, and AI generative NPCs that Microsoft has already developed in partnership with Inworld », Explains Tom Warren, journalist close to Microsoft. CD Projekt and Larian Studios recently explained that generative AI already plays a role in facilitating game development, but that it cannot replace creative tasks like creating games. concept art or writing dialogues.

Still according to Tom Warren, AI will play an important role in the next generation of Xbox consoles which, in the words of hardware president Sarah Bond, will offer “ the greatest technical leap » between two generations of consoles. As a reminder, Microsoft felt obliged to mention this future console before its time to reassure players about its future as a manufacturer, while in-house exclusives like Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of ​​Thieves began to land on PlayStation 5.

Speaking of PlayStation 5, the PS5 Pro expected this year will itself feature in-house supersampling technology, called PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR), based on machine learning and therefore on a field of study of AI. As Tom Warren notes, Microsoft will be keen not to be left behind by Sony in an area in which it intends to reign.