WTA tournament in Poland moved again? PZT will offer a takeover. Great Advantage of Tennis

The WTA tournament, the largest international tennis event in recent years in Poland, has two different locations to its credit after two editions. It started a year ago with Gdynia, but in April it turned out that the second edition, instead of at the seaside, will take place in Warsaw. Now, unofficially, we have learned that next season the competition may be another move, but this time much closer.

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Hard courts are an asset of Kozerek. PZT is planning a mini-cycle

Fans waited five years for the next WTA event in the country. In the years 2013-16 it was organized in Katowice, and Agnieszka Radwańska was to be attracted to the stands. The return of competition at this level in Poland is the result of the successes and growing popularity of Iga Świątek. A year ago, in Gdynia, she did not compete (she presented herself in the show match with Hubert Hurkacz) due to the fact that she was preparing for the Olympics in Tokyo at that time. At that time, she promised to perform in the next edition and she kept her word, starting last week in the capital.

Domestic fans bought tickets to this tournament in order to see the leader of the world ranking live in their home country, which they do not have many opportunities for. Many expected her to play in the final on Sunday, but were eliminated in the quarter-finals.

Both in the previous season in Gdynia, and recently in Warsaw, there were competition on clay courts. On the one hand, it is the favorite surface of Świątek, but usually at this time of the year, performances on “flour” are only a memory for the two-time winner of Roland Garros. Now she was also past the grass field and was gearing up for the second half of the season, dominated by hard court. Participation in the event in the capital was only a short break.

It is the surface that is currently a huge advantage of the Training Center of the Polish Tennis Association in Kozerki. It is at the next stage of construction, but the completion of some works allowed to organize an ITF event there this week with the participation of, among others, Magdy Linette. The competition takes place on “concrete” and the organizers emphasize that this is the first international tournament of this rank in the country on such courts. Challenger ATP is to take place there in mid-August.

Even before the start of the competition that is currently taking place there, the president of PZT Mirosław Skrzypczyński and the organizers did not hide their willingness to organize a tournament of a slightly higher rank, i.e. WTA challenger, in the next season, instead of the ITF event for women. Unofficially, we have learned from several people that it is supposed to be almost certain, but it may not end there. The national federation was to propose to the organizers of the WTA tournament in Warsaw to take over the license. This plan would assume that two international events would take place in Kozerki successively – WTA rank 250 and challenger competitions. In the sidelines, you can even hear a version that – if there is a chance – instead of the “250” it could be an even more prestigious tournament, i.e. a rank of 500.

“Warsaw – the target location for the next editions”

These are the ideas of the PZT and the organizers of the Kozerki event, but the decisive word in this matter belongs to the Tennis Consulting company, which has signed a five-year contract with the license owner, Octagon. She is associated with two people close to Iga Świątek – Paulina Wójtowicz and Tomasz Świątek. The tennis player’s manager is currently on vacation, and it was not possible to contact Sport.pl’s father, who is a member of the board of Tennis Consulting, at Sport.pl.

Our questions were answered by Alina Sikora, director of this year’s edition of the tournament.

– I have no information on the change of location. This is not a topic of conversation and I personally do not see any justification for such a change – he reserves.

He also adds that the move from Gdynia to the capital was an exceptional situation. – Warsaw is the target location for the next editions – he assures.

Sikora, who works in the management of Iga Świątek, also points out that the organizers are satisfied with this year’s event at the Legia courts.

– We evaluate this edition very well in terms of image, sports level, organization and audience attendance. I don’t feel the need to make such significant changes if we all judge the event in terms of success. We want to focus now on the development of this tournament – he emphasizes.

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