Would you pay one million euros for a Fiat? Look at this before answering

For motor enthusiasts it will say a lot. It is one of the most iconic Fiat ever made. And, what’s more, very rare

For some, the word Fiat, associated with high economic figures, should not be in the same sentence or in the same context. You might then turn up your nose with respect to the car we are about to present to you. Still, we advise you to read through, without prejudice.

Fiat 8V Coupè (RM Sotheby’s)

And then you will tell us what you think of this car that we found for sale on the portal RM Sotheby’s.

The Fiat 8V Coupè

First of all we have not yet told you which Fiat we are talking about. It’s about a Fiat 8V Coupè, which, for motor enthusiasts will say a lot. It is one of the most iconic Fiat ever made. Although its production was very short, from 1952 to 1954. Iconic and legendary, also because of the Fiat 8V Coupè only 114 will be produced. And this brings us to one of the first reasons for the value of this car for sale at RM Sotheby’s.

Fiat 8V Coupè (RM Sotheby's)
Fiat 8V Coupè (RM Sotheby’s)

This example was originally delivered in Austria on June 22, 1954. The car has remained for most of its life in the UK. Over the years, some technical and restoration interventions, but the engine is the same as always.

And, then, let’s find out what is the engine of this beautiful car of red color.

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The features and the price

Its powerful powertrain was developed by Dante Giacosa and the all-aluminum 2.0-liter Tipo 104 engine featured a finned sump, forged crankshaft, polished intakes and lights, and tubular stainless steel exhaust manifolds.

Fiat 8V Coupè (RM Sotheby's) advert
Fiat 8V Coupè (RM Sotheby’s): the announcement

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The Fiat 8V, also known as “Ottovù”, therefore, it is a sports berlinetta produced by the Turin-based company, in a few examples, from 1952 to 1954.

The Fiat 8V Coupè, starting from the 70s, has changed several owners, until it even returns to Italy. Each of these has added something or touched up some element. Until completion, which came about a decade ago. In 2015 she also participated in the Fordwater Trophy at Goodwood Revival, where she finished 15th. The following year, the car was brought to Italy by its current owner, where it competed in the Vernasca Silver Flag climb and driven back home. A round trip of over 3,000 km testifying to the reliability of the car.

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For a time, the car was equipped with a custom synchronized gearbox for ease of use. The original gearbox is still included in this lot. Which on RM Sotheby’s we find for sale for almost one million euros. 925 thousand euros, to be precise. So, have we convinced you about the good price of this historic car?

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