Work From Hell For Hell Of An Office Is Out And Brings 10 New Levels

While the previous major update was released last month, the developers ofhell of an office continue their momentum by publishing Work From Hell, the second update for the game. This one contains ten new levels, always in a universe mixing hell and office supplies. This time, the decorations also take a bit of your home, since the theme is teleworking. A new mechanic is also introduced: the bouncing pillow.

As a reminder, hell of an office is an FPS platformer, in which you have to go through the levels as quickly as possible to climb the leaderboard. Our employee of the month, Zéphyr, found the game quite enjoyable. This update comes with several adjustments, but also bug fixes, the complete list of which you can find on the patch note


hell of an officestill in Early Access, is available on Steam for just under €15.