Woman charged after killing her husband by running his car over him

The woman denies intentionally killing her husband and maintains that it was an accident.

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A resident of Usson-en-Forez, in the Loire, was indicted for murder of a spouse on Friday August 5 and imprisoned in La Talaudière prison, reports France Bleu Saint-Etienne Loire. At the wheel of her car, she had fatally hit her husband, then explaining that it was an accident.

The facts date back to July 19. Around 2 a.m., the gendarmes of the Montbrison company were called for a road accident near the couple’s home. On the spot, the 55-year-old woman explains that she was driving her Dacia Duster when she hit something. It is in fact her husband of 54 years, who died on the spot.

Shocked, the woman had been admitted to psychiatry and could not be heard by the investigators. The couple, who had three children, lived apart. The man lived 30 meters from the home of his ex-spouse’s parents.

The medical examiners’ report finally revealed that the man was struck twice, in the hip and then in the head, before being rolled over. His ex-spouse was therefore placed in police custody on Wednesday August 5. She denies having deliberately killed her husband and maintains that it was an accident, explaining that she initially thought that she had hit a sheep.

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