Resistance Retribution marks its big return on PS Plus Premium, news that fans of shooting and action games have been impatiently awaiting. Originally launched on PSP, this title is now accessible to PS5 and PS4 owners, offering them the opportunity to immerse themselves again or for the first time in this captivating universe. But that's not all. What makes the arrival of this game even more special is the introduction of new trophies, a first for this game which did not offer one on PSP. The changes made by Bend Studiothe game's developer, also include significant technical improvements as well as quick save and rewind features, making the gaming experience even more immersive.

Renewed immersion on PS5 and PS4

This classic of the shooter genre, Resistance Retribution, has been re-released in a form optimized for next-generation consoles, enriching the player experience. This title not only faithfully reproduces the original adventure, but incorporates notable improvements that make it more appealing to modern players. These include quick save and rewind functions which allow a different approach to the proposed challenges. Additionally, the introduction of trophies adds an extra layer of challenge, enticing players to explore the game from every angle to unlock everything. The presence of these new features demonstrates Bend Studio's effort to update Resistance Retribution, making it essential for PS Plus Premium subscribers.


The dynamics of the game third person view allows a deep immersion in the dystopian universe where the Chimeras seek to convert humanity. Playing as James Grayson in this context adds emotional weight to the experience, heightening the sense of urgency in the face of the enemy.

The prestigious heritage of the resistance series

Series Resistance has always had a special place in the hearts of PlayStation fans, rivaling other major series and attracting a large gaming community. Its debut on PS3, developed by Insomniac Games, laid the foundations for a promising franchise, combining intense action and gripping narrative. However, with time and the evolution of consoles, this iconic title has gradually lost its visibility.

This new edition on PS Plus Premium could well signal a revival for the franchise, especially at a time when the success of games like Helldiverse 2 on PS5 and PC inspires Sony to rethink the future of its exclusives. Potentially revitalizable IPs like Killzone and Resistance show that the appetite for high-quality narrative shooters is still there. The return of Resistance Retribution, with its historical cachet and its new features, is therefore part of a broader dynamic of rediscovery and promotion of these major titles.

It is essential to note that as of February 20, Resistance Retribution joins a prestigious list of games available to PS Plus Premium subscribers, accompanying other big names like Assassin's Creed Valhalla And The Outer Worlds. This inclusion in a selection of excellence underlines the value that Sony places on this historically significant game. Including backwards compatible classics, this offer considerably enriches the catalog available to PS5 and PS4 players.


A promising future for legendary franchises

The revival of Resistance Retribution on PS Plus Premium raises an exciting question: will we see a general revival of the PS3's great franchises? With discussions surrounding the potential return of games like Killzone and Resistance, the enthusiasm of the fans is palpable. The remarks of Bend Studiospecifically regarding Resistance Retribution and the addition of trophies, show that even older titles can adapt and shine on modern platforms.

Bend Studio's announcement of this update was met with great enthusiasm, proving that the demand for polished, story-filled gaming experiences is still strong. This initiative could pave the way for other remarkable returns, reaffirming the importance of classic franchises in today's gaming landscape.

Additionally, the introduction of modern features like trophies and technical improvements demonstrates a desire to keep these games not only playable but also attractive to new players and rewarding to veterans. This shows how classic titles can be reinvigorated and adapted to current gamer expectations.

Dive into this adventure without delay

If you're a fan of action and sci-fi games, or just looking to explore an essential piece of PlayStation gaming history, Resistance Retribution on PS Plus Premium deserves your attention. Bend Studio's additions enrich the gaming experience, providing both a nostalgic journey for those who knew the game on PSP and an exciting discovery for new players.

It is obvious that this re-release could mark a turning point for interest in classic franchises, potentially sparking a revival or the creation of anticipated sequels. With the continued evolution of streaming and subscription services, as revealed in an article regarding the transformation of PS Plusthese classics have a unique chance to reach a wider audience and secure a place in the future of video games.

At the end of the day, Resistance Retribution on PS Plus Premium is not just a return, it is a celebration of video game heritage, an opportunity to revisit or discover a major work from the PlayStation catalog. Don't wait to rediscover this classic revisited with modern features that promise to transform your gaming experience.