Winetech Onafis secures 6 million euros to expand its footprint in France and overseas

After raising funds of 2 million in May 2022, Onafis, long known as My Bacchus, is now completing a 6 million operation. Created in 2018, the Nantes-based company develops connected devices that allow winegrowers, but also brewers and distillers, to precisely monitor the fermentation and aging of their products.

Like a “alcohol electrocardiogram”Onafis solutions are used to control cellars and achieve energy savings, detect and anticipate microbiological risks but also monitor fermentation processes, via density and temperature probes.


Becoming a unifying player in wine innovation

This operation is completed with historical investors such as Demeter via its VitiRev innovation fund, Atlantique Vendée innovation, Bamboo and even Holnest, the family office of the Aulas family. Added to this are new entrants such as Cléry, Bpi, Sodero, Xinomavro Ventures and industrialists and technical directors in the wine world.

“We have convinced our historical and new investors that Onafis holds a special place as a leader in winetech in France. Our project is to become a unifying player in wine innovation by uniting with other companies and by deploying our know-how on a large scale”explains Alexandre Ermenault, CEO of Onafis

Forty recruitments

Not communicating its turnover, the company mentions with 200 customers around the world having “multiplied its turnover by 3 in 2023.” By 2028, it plans to multiply its activity by 20 by doubling in size. Onafis intends to accelerate in France and internationally, the company already being present in Spain and since 2023 in UNITED STATES.

Onafis currently employs 20 employees. 40 hires in France and internationally are planned within four years. If 60% of recruitments are planned for commercial functions, the technical team will also be strengthened, with a view to improving the solutions already marketed with the aim of “respond to ever more configurations and pathologies.”


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