Windows may be the cause of your VPN difficulties

A previous Windows 11 patch may have caused connection issues with VPNs. A problem recognized by Microsoft, and now resolved: a patch is available.

Like other Internet users, you may have experienced difficulty connecting to a VPN over the past few weeks. Among the possible causes, Windows 11 is an avenue that should not be overlooked, if you are on this operating system. Indeed, Microsoft admitted a problem since an update deployed in April.


A fix available on Windows 11 to reconnect VPNs

Windows devices may experience login failures after installing the April 2024 Security Update », indicated the American company in a ticket recognizing a glitch, April 30. Two weeks later, things are back to normal: May 14, a fix is made available public.

This update addresses a known issue that could cause your connection to a VPN to fail. This issue occurs after installing the April 9, 2024 update », notes Microsoft. This is not the first time that a malfunction between Windows and VPNs has been reported. In 2023, there was a performance concern.

For those affected, it is recommended to update the OS and restart the computer, if necessary, to finalize the installation.

If the problem persists, the origin of the problem must be sought elsewhere. The causes of a malfunction are diverse: a virtual private network configuration problem, for example, or a firewall that is not cooperative. A VPN breakdown is also possible, such as an incorrect username/password combination.


VPN // Source: Numerama
A VPN serves as a gateway between your computer and the rest of the web. // Source: Numerama

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a system where two computers communicate with each other in a watertight manner, by setting up an encrypted communication tunnel. One of the computers is that of the Internet user, the other is – as a general rule – a server made available by the VPN provider.

The use of a VPN is legal in France and there are free and paid ones – the general public generally uses providers (our comparison of the best VPNs brings together the main offers on the market). For the professional sector, internal solutions are sometimes implemented by the companies themselves.

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