Windows 11 update released with built-in ChatGPT

Microsoft has released Test Build 25324 of Windows 10. It is available to Windows Insider members in the Canary thread and contains several notable new features.

Updated taskbar search to launch the new Bing search engine with built-in ChatGPT chatbot when clicking on the magnifying glass icon. This innovation is not available to all users, even among those who have already gained access to the new Bing search engine, it is being rolled out in stages.

The widget panel is now divided into three columns and contains more diverse information that updates in real time.

In the “Parameters” there is a section for devices connected via USB4. These can be docking stations, hubs, high-performance peripherals, monitors and chargers. Here you can copy detailed information about connected devices (for example, if it is required by technical support to solve compatibility problems).

The Defender has improved protection against phishing and password leaks by adding support for several new data encryption algorithms.

Now you can pin animated widget icons to the taskbar. The animation appears when the user moves the mouse over the icon, clicks on it, or when the widget shows new information.

This build of Windows 11 also includes improved Simplified Chinese support, a new help section, webcam selection (if there is more than one) for Windows Hello authentication, and faster deletion of large files to the Trash.

To install this build, you need to join the Windows Insider Program, and you will need a VPN with a foreign IP address to initialize the download (and install subsequent updates).