Windows 11 adoption lags behind Windows 10 21H2 – Update

Windows 11 has been available since October, slowly but surely the operating system is emerging more in the figures of the users of the internet. This is reported by ADduplex, an organization that deals with advertising on the internet.

It is striking in the figures that more than sixteen percent of users now have Windows 11. 16.1 percent use an official release, 0.4 percent have an insider version. The numbers do not tell whether the users have a new PC or have upgraded from Windows 10. Also, of course, a large number of users cannot switch to the new operating system from Microsoft, because it requires a relatively new system.

16.5 percent of users have Windows 11.

The vast majority of users are still on different versions of Windows 10. The adoption of the new version seems to be slower than Windwos 10 21H2. Where Windows 11 doubled in the period from November 2021 to now, the latest version of Windows 10 tripled in use. The data comes from more than 5,000 Windows Store apps that use the ADduplex SDK.

Read the ADduplex report here

Update 29-1-2022 10:15 AM

Microsoft itself is very proud of the development of the popularity of the new operating system. According to Windows boss Panos Panay, double the number of users have upgraded, compared to the same period after the introduction of Windows 10. Also, people spend twice the amount of time behind a PC, compared to then.

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