Windows 11 23541 in the Dev channel for the weekend including SDK as ISO

It’s heading towards the weekend and the Dev Insiders are now being provided with a new Insider Build. Microsoft is today distributing Windows 11 23541.1000, more precisely 10.0.23541.1000 ni_prerelease. Like the Canary, this new Insider Build was compiled on September 1st, 2023.

The changes and known problems were already reduced in the last week. Because it’s slowly but surely getting to the point where Windows 11 23H2 (22631) can be distributed to the release preview insiders next week, if nothing comes up. And the last mistakes in the Dev-Insider are still to be ironed out. Because so far, the Dev-Insider has served as a test environment for the 23H2. By the way: Of course we will also collect the ISOs for these insiders and then put the link here.

  • Start menu The thumbnail previews (tooltips) for cloud files under “Recommended” in the Start menu and the ability to right-click these files to share them, introduced with build 23511, may temporarily disappear for some Windows Insiders in the development channel.

Changes and corrections

  • taskbar Fixed an issue where dragging application icons on the taskbar could sometimes cause explorer.exe to crash.
  • Search the taskbar Fixed an issue where the tooltip would sometimes not match the current search marker when hovering over the search field.
  • Dev Drive Fixed an issue where it was not possible to include a mount folder path in the dialog when creating a new dev drive.

Known problems:

  • File Explorer:
  • NEW Icons on the desktop may appear as generic white pages rather than actual icons.
  • NEW There is an issue where the progress wheel icon gets stuck in the File Explorer tab even though the folder has already finished loading.
  • NEW Changing the sort order of folders is not retained when you navigate away from a folder and back again.
  • Start menu Some apps under All Apps in the Start menu, such as Some apps, such as PWA apps installed through Microsoft Edge, may be incorrectly labeled as a system component.
  • input The Unicode Emoji 15 support introduced with build 23475 and the updated color font format with COLRv1 support introduced with build 23506 are no longer displayed after updating to build 23531 due to a bug. This issue will be corrected in one of the next builds.
  • input
  • NEW There is a serious tabtip.exe crash that is impacting some Insiders’ ability to type.
  • Windows Copilot
  • NEW We’ve heard from Insiders in the Dev Channel that the Windows Copilot Preview is not available in some regions. We have found an issue and plan to re-enable it for these Insiders with a fix in a future build. You can use the Alt + Tab key combination to exit Windows Copilot, but not to turn it back on. Windows + C moves focus back to Windows Copilot. The first time you start or after updating Copilot when using voice access, you must use the Show Grid command to click in the “Ask Me Anything” box for the first time.

Windows 11 23541 SDK etc. as ISO

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