Will there be a Hellblade 3?

Hellblade 2 may have offended many players who, unaware of the first part, “God of War” for Xbox and PC expected. However, Senua's new adventure is a audiovisual experience with strong walking simulator elements and a combat system that primarily relies on reaction speed. Hellblade 2 is a graphics boardwhich leaves mouths open and jaws folded down, but offers little gameplay.

Why Hellblade 2 is nevertheless (or precisely because of this?) a masterpiece is revealed in our worthwhile review by colleague Carlo Siebenhüner. But one thing is certain: new game in Game Pass Certainly not: a mass-compatible system seller (or subscription seller). Is Hellblade 2 a disappointment for Microsoft?


Hellblade 2 flops on Steam

If you look at the number of simultaneous players, then the All-time high with less than 4,000 accounts surprisingly low. Other prestigious titles, such as Starfield, were also a hit on Steam despite being available in Game Pass. Although the two games are difficult to compare, various promotions from Microsoft in the recent past give cause for concern.

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A few weeks ago, the Xbox manufacturer pulled the plug on two development studios. Arkane Austin, the makers of Redfallas well as Tango Gameworks (Hi-Fi Rush) fell mercilessly victim to the scissors. The apparent failure of Hellblade 2 Microsoft’s already short fuse could also by developer Ninja Theory ignite and burn down in a very short time. But this is apparently not the case.

Will there be a Hellblade 3?

As leaked a few days ago, Microsoft has already a subsequent game at Ninja Theory commissioned Apparently the Management team around Phil Spencer convinced that the technically spectacular niche titles of the British developer studio are definitely worth it. Whether they are actually about a third part of Hellblade It is not yet known what this is.

Source: IGN