Will the greatest Avenger of all time get a new chance?

If you ask around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, two things seem clear. Disney absolutely has to breathe new life into the most successful film series of all time. And yet established Hollywood stars and Avengers have to be used to lure millions of fans into the cinemas.

Who is the greatest Avenger of all time?

This question can be answered in many different ways. If you base it purely on popularity, then Robert Downey Jr. is certainly the greatest Avenger of all time. In the USA, however, Chris Evans as Captain America is also likely to be in the running for fans' favor.


Purely in terms of body size, this incredible superhero the greatest Avenger of all time. However, when you consider that Ant-Man can not only shrink to the size of an ant, but also make himself gigantic, things look different again. But only one Avenger is of divine descent.

This Avenger wants his screen death

It is therefore certainly not an exaggeration to call the god of thunder Thor the greatest Avenger. Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth is currently causing a stir with this action spectacle. He even had his nose done to get to number 1 in the cinema charts. Chris Hemsworth recently made his further ambitions in the MCU clear.

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The actor of Thor would be willing, without batting an eyelid, his superheroes die Chris Hemsworth also expressed little enthusiasm about the slapstick orgy of the last Thor filmBut apparently Disney actually has big plans for the Avenger.

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