Will Doctor Who Come Back in 2024?

The final season of the new season 1 of Doctor Who has been broadcast. When will we see the Doctor again?

And there you have it, after 8 episodes we have to say goodbye to Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor. Temporarily, in any case, because the 15th Doctor will return to our screens (on Disney+ in France) for new episodes. So what's next for Doctor Who ?


There is a Christmas Special 2024

Doctor Who revives the tradition of special Christmas episodes. So this is good news: the series returns in 2024, for Christmas, December 25, with a Christmas Special. And we already know a few things about this episode, which will be called Joy to the World (in reference to a famous Christmas carol).

On the writing side, it will be the eminent Steven Moffat, who had been showrunner of the series (seasons 5 to 10) and to whom we owe some of the most cult episodes (like Blink, the Weeping Angels). In the new series he also wrote Boomthe third episode.

On the casting side, Ncuti Gatwa will be accompanied by Irish actress Nicola Coughlan – yes, the star of Bridgerton. We do not know more about his role in this adventure, but a first photo has been released:

Nicola Coughlan in the Joy to the World episode of Doctor Who, December 2024. // Source: BBC
Nicola Coughlan in the Joy to the World episode of Doctor Who, December 2024. // Source: BBC

We don't really know if Ruby will be present in this Christmas Special, since she left the TARDIS at the end of season 8 (although it is confirmed that she will return afterwards). This wouldn't be the first time that Doctor Who has featured a temporary traveling companion for a Christmas episode, particularly under showrunner Russell T. Davies.


What about season 2 of Doctor Who?

Season 2 of Doctor Who will arrive in 2025, probably in the spring, around May, like this year. Ruby, this time, will be back (it's confirmed). But the “TARDIS team” should also grow, because a second traveling companion will join them:

Source: Numerama EditingSource: Numerama Editing