Wild Pokémon Resurgence: Today’s Culture News Recap

Culture news A wild Pokémon appears, a cult series rises from its ashes, here is the recap of today's culture news!

As usual: we meet at the end of the day to talk culture… This Wednesday, February 21, 2024, a cult series is in the spotlight as well as the sequel to The Pokémon Receptionist on Netflix.


This is the harsh law of SVOD. After two seasons, like many series, Destiny The Winx Saga was stopped by Netflix. The program is based on the eponymous animated show, broadcast between 2004 and 2019 – and which features the famous witches Bloom, Stella, Aisha, Terra and Musa… Can't stand the idea of ​​not knowing the rest? Well, know that the adventures of the Winx will continue, but on the small screen. It’s on the bookstore side that it’s happening. It will be released in July 2024 in the United States. Over 102 pages, it will tell what happened after season 2 of the Netflix series.

The best Pokémon series… but also the shortest! Finally, not for long: Netflix will welcome new episodes

We were telling you about it this morning, Pokémon Receptionist, a Netflix series based on the famous Nintendo and Game Freak universe, is preparing new episodes… The information was published yesterday, on the official Pokémon account on X (formerly Twitter). No further details at this time, except that production has indeed started. As a reminder, the show clearly stands out from all the other animated series with Pikachu and his friends. Here, instead of following yet another trainer, we follow a receptionist who works at the Pokémon Hotel, and who must do everything to help her colorful customers.

This saga at the origin of cyberpunk is not over: Blade Runner continues on Amazon Prime Video with a new series

While Dune 2 is preparing to be released in cinemas, another sci-fi universe (also adapted by Denis Villeneuve) is preparing its return. This is the Blade Runner series, called Blade Runner 2099, whose production has been interrupted since the screenwriters' strike in Hollywood… Amazon Prime is in charge and we have just learned, the TV show has just found the director of its first two episodes. It's Jonathan Tulleken who is doing it, who notably worked on Shogun, the Disney + program which scores a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Filming will begin at the end of April.

This Star Wars series is back on Disney+: the final season will continue with revelations in 2024

For Star Wars fans, today is a special day. It is indeed This February 21, the final season of the animated series The Bad Batch begins, available exclusively on Disney +… From now on, lightsaber fans can find the first three episodes! The sequel will be released every Wednesday until May 1, 2024. Enough to discover the conclusion of a group of clones like no other – in search of a new objective after an entire life dedicated to war.


Disney and Sony hand in hand? Entertainment giants sign historic deal

We end with a clearly significant agreement between Disney and Sony… So sorry, it's not for the creation of an incredible series on Nathan Drake, Kratos or Aloy, but for the Japanese firm to take care of the physical distribution of the creations of the big-eared company (DVD and Blu-ray). “As part of this agreement, Sony will market, sell, distribute new releases and titles from Disney's catalog on physical media to consumers through retailers and distributors in the United States and Canada,” writes Variety. “Disney will continue to operate its own digital media.” At this time, there are no planned layoffs at Disney.