Widelands 1.2 Strategy Game Now Available for Release

After a year and a half of development published release of the free game Widelands 1.2, which includes elements of a real-time strategy (RTS) and a city-building simulator. The game develops under the impression of the game Settlers II and has similar gameplay. Both multiplayer mode and single-player campaigns with computer players are supported. The project code is written in C++ and Lua using the SDL library and distributed by licensed under GPLv2. Assemblies are being formed for Linux (AppImage, Flatpack, PPA), Windows and macOS.


Among the changes:

  • The tools for developing plugins have been expanded with the implementation of additional user interface elements.
  • Added preliminary support for naval battles, allowing the use of fleets to invade foreign coasts.
  • Added the ability to assign military garrisons to headquarters and ports.
  • The Amazonian economy has been balanced.
  • A fifth campaign scenario for the Frisians has been proposed.
  • Additional settings have been added, for example, the ability to change the duration of tasks tied to execution time.
  • Diplomacy support has been implemented for the computer player.
  • It is possible to add tags with arbitrary notes on the map.
  • Simplified publishing of maps in the game editor.
  • High-resolution images of units have been prepared.
  • A full translation into Russian is provided.

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