Which routers are next? FritzBox is busy releasing updates again

From many households the router certainly indispensable. Work and entertainment are now equally dependent on whether and how well the more or less aesthetic boxes work. In Germany in particular, the long-established FritzBox is one of the most popular models.

Accordingly, it is worth taking a look at the technical updates. There are regular firmware updates for a wide range of models. There is also some news for some FritzBoxes these days. We will tell you which devices are about to receive an update.


Updates for the Fritzbox

We recently talked about the latest release from AVM reported. The changes include a new graphical online monitor with information about the Internet connection, a new display of the connection status or the limitation of the temperature for radiator controls. We have provided you with the complete changelog linked here.

Specifically, it is a so-called laboratory update. This system offers customers the opportunity to test new features in advance in the beta version.

Initially, version 7.90 was only available for the 5590 Fiber, 7590 AX and 7590 routers. This was followed by releases for the 6690, 6660 and 6591 Cable.


FritzBox Version 7.90 – there is now an update for these routers

Now the laboratory version of the firmware has been made available for some other routers. The beta version 7.90 is now also available for the FritzBox 4060, the FritzBox 7530 and the FritzBox 7530 AX. If you are not interested in the beta version, you can wait until the release of Fritz!OS8 wait.

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Source: AVM