Where can I stream the Dune movie?

You want to see or rewatch the first movie Dune in anticipation of the second part? It has recently been available on SVOD.

It's the cinematic phenomenon of the moment: the second part of Dune has been broadcast in cinemas since Wednesday February 28. Issue ? You have forgotten everything about the first opus, dating from 2021. And as things happen in more than 2h30, you don't plan to go see Dune 2 without having (re)seen Dune. Otherwise, you can read our summary.


Fortunately, there is SVOD, which allows access to a catalog of series and films as you wish. This is where a second problem appears: there are many players in this segment. Who from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Disney+… has the privilege of offering Dune 1 ? The answer may surprise you.

Dune 1 on TF1+ // Source: Screenshot
Dune 1 on TF1+ // Source: Screenshot

To see Dune in SVOD, go to… TF1+ Premium

It may not have escaped your notice that TF1 broadcast Dune on Sunday March 3 in primetime, the same week as the release of Dune 2 At the movie theater. Which means that the film directed by Denis Villeneuve is now available on TF1+the streaming platform of the number 1 channel in France.

Dune on myCanal // Source: ScreenshotDune on myCanal // Source: Screenshot
Dune on myCanal // Source: Screenshot

This is how we find ourselves with a small anomaly on TF1+, which allows us to see the trilogy The Hobbit without paying anything (even though it is paid on Amazon Prime Video) but which requires you to drop a few euros to see Dune (which cannot be found anywhere else, except for rental or purchase). In short, TF1 uses an event film to accumulate a few subscriptions. Fortunately, TF1+ Premium is non-binding.

In addition to access to DuneTF1+ Premium adds exclusive features: zero advertising, preview broadcasts, live control, Full HD quality (compared to SD for the free option), possibility of casting what you are watching, compatibility with all screens… If you plan to subscribe to TF1+ Premium to (re)watch Duneyou would be wrong not to take advantage of these few features.


Paul and Lady Jessica carrying the distillate into the Arrakis Desert. // Source: WarnerPaul and Lady Jessica carrying the distillate into the Arrakis Desert. // Source: Warner
Source: Numerama EditingSource: Numerama Editing

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