When does filming start? Andy Serkis speaks out

In recent months, things have been surprisingly quiet around the new superhero film “The Batman – Part 2”. But now there is finally a sign of life again – coupled with some good news.

The big strike last year had paralyzed Hollywood almost completely. The production of numerous films and series had to be temporarily put on hold, which not only cost the studios several million dollars, but also caused numerous delays.


The planned superhero film “The Batman – Part 2” was not spared either. After a long period of radio silence, fans can now look forward to some great news.

What is the current status of The Batman 2?

In recent months, there have been very few details about the current status of production on The Batman 2. Although a few rumors have cropped up, solid information has been rare – until now.

Recently, actor Andy Serkis (“Lord of the Rings”) as a guest at the ACE Superhero Comic Con (via Popverse). There he spoke about the current status of “The Batman 2”, in which he will once again take on the role of Alfred. Many fans will be delighted to hear his statements.

“I know that Matt Reeves is working very hard on the script. Matt Reeves is Matt Reeves. Since he is an exceptional filmmaker, I can only assume that he will deliver another brilliant script. (…) Basically, I don't know much more about the film than the fact that I only recently found out that we will probably start shooting early next year.”


According to this, work on the script for “The Batman 2” is still not finished and therefore the preparation phase for the actual filming has not yet begun. However, the latter should finally begin in early 2025.

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When will The Batman 2 be in theaters?

After a few postponements, the theatrical release of “The Batman 2” is planned for October 2, 2026. If filming does indeed start in the first months of next year, this date seems quite realistic. However, further problems with production could well cause further delays.

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