What will the Ferraris of the future be like? The Cavallino gives in to temptation | This is revealed by a reliable source

Months go by and the most famous horse in the world of four wheels releases more and more details on its upcoming releases. According to increasingly persistent rumors, an all-electric supercar will arrive in 2025.

Is the future here? (StartMag)

Everyone likes playing the game of ifs and maybes when a new car is announced about which, however, practically nothing is known. It also happened with the mysterious car that the Italian brand par excellence claims to have ready for 2025, the year in which in the Maranello list an electric car will be added that could really change everything for Ferrari.

We know little about this new environmentally friendly car: the only certain information is that Ferrari has already started working on some fundamental systems to build batteries and chassis for the car on which the utmost confidentiality remains. After all, there are still three years left, right? But there are those can’t take it anymore to wait! Here on the web, the imagination of amateur designers is unleashed, who sometimes really bring out interesting things.

In the magical online world, someone has already started knocking down a possible graphic electric Ferrari without even knowing which engine it will mount, how much it will weigh, how much it will cost and so on. The pictures are interesting and there is also a demonstration video. How do you think it will be similar to the production car?

No evidence

It was the YouTube channel Newcarsdesign that brought it down some 3D sketches of the possible newcomer of the Maranello house. Let’s see on what principles the author of the spelling based the shapes of this supercar. According to the amateur designer, first and foremost, weight distribution will be crucial as the car will have acceleration like never before.

The design chosen by NCD is very sinuous and enveloping, not quite in line with the Ferraris that are coming out in this period as the massive Purosangue, first – and hopefully last! – SUV from the Modena company that she had never been interested to that market sector so loved by the public. However, in our opinion it works.

Ferrari Motorionline 29_07_2022 Quattromania
Ferrari 2025. As they will call it (Motori Online)

Our opinion? In our opinion, it will never look like the car in the pictures. Probably the design will remain very faithful to that of the previous models or, if there were to be some surprises like a four-seater model, that Maranello launches itself in a completely new design. You take a look at the video and let us know your opinion!

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