What stance does the New Popular Front have on environmental issues?

We explored the ecological component in the legislative contract of the New Popular Front, ahead of the early legislative elections of 2024, the first round of which is this Sunday, June 30. Here are 8 strong measures.

The coming to power of the extreme right, through the National Rally, would also put a stop shot to the development of renewable energies, while the climate emergency weighs more and more on the daily. While the lefts have gathered in the New Popular Front, the question of ecology arises: what are the proposals of this alliance, in their program (or legislative agreement)to protect and restore the environment, as well as to protect residents against the effects of climate change?


1) Cheaper transport

Modes of transport are at the top of the list of essential subjects concerning the ecological emergency. Their place in a political program must therefore be monitored. In that of the New Popular Front, they are indeed present. In order to promote cleaner public transport, there is an economic element: “accessible fares” and free access for certain groups – including young and precarious people. Likewise, on overall public transport prices, the program proposes a reduction in VAT to 5.5% (4.5% less, therefore).

More broadly, the New Popular Front proposes the development of regional express services, including the reopening of small lines.

2) Carbon neutrality in 2050 with a green rule

The program incorporates the notion of a “green rule”: it is a question of constitutionalizing a golden rule aimed at adapting consumption patterns to the capacities of the planet. A measure that would support an objective targeted in the program: carbon neutrality in 2050.

To do this, renewable energies are very present in the program, with a strengthening of the French and European sectors of manufacturing and production of renewable energies. With the ambition of making France “ the European leader in marine energies with offshore wind power and the development of tidal energy “.


The privatization of hydroelectric dams would, de facto, be rejected. As well as limiting dependence on other countries in access to solar panels,

The New Popular Front integrates independence from France into solar panels. // Source: Pexels
The New Popular Front integrates independence from France into solar panels. // Source: Pexels

3) Renovate public housing, insulate private buildings

The home is the first place where we can suffer from the hazards of climate change — particularly during extreme heat. However, as we know, thermal strainers are very present in France. Here again, this is an ecological component to watch out for in an electoral program.

The New Popular Front raises two complementary proposals in this area:

  • In the public sector: accelerate the renovation of buildings, such as hospitals and schools.
  • In the private sector: generalization of complete insulation of homes, accompanied by aid for households (full coverage for low-income households)

4) Save biodiversity

The conversation about biodiversity, in the program of the New Popular Front, is accompanied by the development of forests with a “diversity of species”. The notion of species diversity is quite important in conservation biology: the more species there are, the richer and therefore stronger the biodiversity. Tree plantations are sometimes carried out without this care (anywhere, no matter how), which can contribute to an impoverishment of biodiversity. A measure aimed at ensuring the diversity of species is therefore supposed to make it possible to strengthen the richness of ecosystems and soils.

The New Popular Front program accompanies this measure with an upgrading of jobs in the forestry sector.

5) Agriculture: tackling unfair competition linked to CETA and Mercosur

The “biodiversity” section of the program discusses the protection of natural, humid, but also agricultural areas. The proposal, at the international level, would consist of abandoning the comprehensive economic and trade agreement between Canada and the European Union (CETA) and Mercosur, in order to limit the ” unfair competition » and to prohibit the importation of “ any agricultural production that does not respect our social and environmental standards “.

In domestic policy, the New Popular Front intends to strengthen the organic sector by economically encouraging conversion – by taking over the debt of farms into a national fund – and by guaranteeing outlets, particularly through catering. More broadly, the New Popular Front proposes to reestablish the Ecophyto plan, by banning glyphosate and neonicotinoids, but “ with financial support for the farmers concerned “.

6) Stop drinking straws (eternal pollutants)!

The New Popular Front proposes to completely ban all eternal pollutants (PFAS), as for kitchen utensils (pans, or even straws). These compounds are called “eternal” because they last for decades or even centuries in the environment; and their omnipresence, in our contact in everyday life, poses a public health problem.

Maps of species exposed to eternal pollutants. Human beings are also affected. // Source: EWGMaps of species exposed to eternal pollutants. Human beings are also affected. // Source: EWG
Maps of species exposed to eternal pollutants. Human beings are also affected. // Source : EWG

The program also proposes to create a compensation and prevention fund against pollution in the Overseas Territories, in order to “ compensate and ensure medical care for victims of chlordecone and sargassum » and to invest « in the depollution and decontamination of soil and water » in the affected regions.

7) The water issue: cleaning up groundwater

The New Popular Front immediately proposes the establishment of “ precise rules for sharing water across all activities “. This results in particular in a measure then proposed: the objective of a “ very good ecological and chemical state of all watercourses (rivers, rivers, streams)
and underground reserves and have industrialists contribute to the decontamination of water tables and soils
“. This is also accompanied by a renovation of pipes in Overseas Territories.

8) Moratorium on major highway projects

One of the New Popular Front's first environmental measures would be a moratorium on major highway infrastructure projects. This would aim, for example, to suspend the A69 motorway project, a construction against which the scientific community was unanimously opposed, including by French authorities.

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Source: Minority ReportSource: MinorityReport