What is the release date for the Fallout series on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is preparing to broadcast the adaptation fallout, derived from a very popular video game saga. The episodes will be available on the SVOD platform starting in April.

This is one of the events of the month of April on the Amazon Prime Video platform: fallout, a series derived from a cult video game saga, will open up to a new audience. Like all adaptations of the genre, the ambitions and expectations are high, and the risks immense. The very first game fallout was released in 1997 and the episodes that followed underwent many developments.


There is nevertheless a first reassuring element concerning this series fallout : it is supervised by the Bethesda studio, Jonathan Nolan, the brother of Christopher Nolan and Lisa Joy. This duo is at the origin of several successes, such as Westworld (at least, in the first seasons). The universe of the video game, which depicts a twisted post-apocalyptic world, will be respected, like the humorous tone. In this sense, we should not expect depressive content as is The Last of Us. There is more lightness in falloutdespite some common traits (humanity threatened by creatures and a quest for survival).

Is Amazon Prime Video's Fallout series a strict adaptation of a video game?

No. Jonathan Nolan and his screenwriters use the world of video games, but tell another story. Todd Howard, Head of Titles Fallout 3 And Fallout 4confided on this subject (via a podcast): “ It may refer to things seen in the games, but it is not a strict adaptation of the games. It exists in the same world, but has its own narrative to enrich it. »

Series fallout will take place in Los Angeles in 2296, 200 years after an apocalypse that irradiated the surface of the planet. It will follow a survivor forced to leave her fallout shelter to discover the wastelands. That is to say: ghouls, giant insects, a quasi-religious military organization…

The Fallout series // Source: Amazon
The Fallout series // Source: Amazon

Who is the cast of the Fallout series produced by Amazon?

The casting of the series falloutwe find some familiar faces:


  • Ella Purnell will play Lucy, a member of Vault 33 who will discover the ravages of the apocalypse;
  • Kyle MacLachlan will play Hank, Lucy's father in charge of Vault 33;
  • Walton Goggins will play a bounty hunter with a scarred face (he no longer has a nose) and a mysterious past;
  • Aarton Moten will don the armor of Maximus, a young soldier who works for the Brotherhood of Steel, responsible for ensuring order in the wastelands.

We will also find Johnny Pemberton, Rodrigo Luzzi, Annabel O'Hagan and Moisés Arias.

The Fallout series // Source: AmazonThe Fallout series // Source: Amazon
Ella Purnell and Kyle MacLachlan // Source: Amazon

How many episodes for the first season of Fallout?

According to IMDBthe first season of fallout will be structured around eight episodes.

Will the Fallout series have a second season?

Amazon has not confirmed anything regarding a second season of fallout, but the idea is to offer several. The page, already available on the SVOD platform, mentions “Season 1”, suggesting that there will be others. Everything will depend on success, knowing that the very extensive universe of fallout lends itself to the development of many different stories.

The Fallout series // Source: AmazonThe Fallout series // Source: Amazon
Walton Goggins plays a ravaged-looking bounty hunter // Source: Amazon

When does the first season of Fallout start on Amazon Prime Video?

The first season will be available exclusively and in full on Amazon Prime Video from April 11, 2024. You will need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to benefit from it.

Fallout // Source: Amazon Prime VideoFallout // Source: Amazon Prime Video


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