What if Superman had Schizophrenia? The Upcoming Introduction of a New Powerful Superhero to the MCU

Game news What if Superman was schizophrenic? Marvel will finally introduce its most powerful superhero into the MCU


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Sentry is not the best known of Marvel superheroes and yet he is one of the most powerful… but also one of the most tortured. He will soon make his appearance in the MCU: the opportunity to return to this particular character.


Win, Sentry-dear

Robert Reynolds is definitely an interesting character in Marvel comics and his story is quite unique. In the 1950s (in 1957 precisely), he's a junkie, lost in his own life and overweight : in search of the ultimate trip, he hears about a strange drug that he decides to look for in a private laboratory. In reality, it is an ultra-potent version of the Super-Soldier Serum, giving him “the power of a million suns”. The absorption of this substance also causes serious damage, killing surrounding people.

Taking the name Sentry, Reynolds becomes a superhero with impressive powers, making him one of the strongest in the world. His strength allows him to lift an ocean liner, absorb radiation to increase his power, has absolute hearing and vision, can fly at speeds of Mach-10, and is nearly invincible. A sort of Superman with Marvel sauce, in itself.

Sentry punching Hulk in the face, calmly

But there is a catch: following a confrontation with an enemy who implants a strange virus, Sentry suffers from serious… mental disorders. He is then prey to nightmarish visions and worse, his cosmic powers manifest in the form of the Void, a dark adversary that kills and destroys all over the world.'''

He then finds himself fighting against himself and on the verge of madness, pushing Doctor Strange and Mister Fantastic to create a system so that he sinks into oblivion, also causing his formidable nemesis to disappear.

Robert Reynolds then adopts a common life again, forgetting himself to be Sentry, until flashes come back to him, torturing him psychologically again. Brief, a rather interesting superhero to deal with and who will arrive in the MCU through the film Thunderbolts.

What if Superman was schizophrenic? Marvel will finally introduce its most powerful superhero into the MCU

Soon on our screens

Thunderbolts is a bit of a Marvel Suicide Squad: there we find several heroes and villains, having to team up to carry out a common mission. The film will therefore include in the cast the new Black Widow (Florence Pugh), the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), US Agent (Wyat Russell, introduced in the MCU as a villainous super-soldier), Taskmaster (Olga Kurylenko), Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen, the antagonist of the second Ant-Man film) or even Red Guardian (David Harbour). For the moment, no trailer is to be declared, but the film is in any case scheduled for April 30, 2025 in theaters.

Unofficial artwork

What if Superman was schizophrenic? Marvel will finally introduce its most powerful superhero into the MCU

Sentry will also be present for the first time in the MCU: originally, it was Steven Yeun, or Glenn in The Walking Dead, who was to play him, but he finally withdrew (and this is not moreover not the only one). Instead, Lewis Pullman will take on the role, who we have already seen in a bunch of successful feature films like Top Gunb Maverick, Bad Times at the El Royale and The Ride of Lefty Brown. It remains to be seen how the character will be treated, he who still has a certain depth and whose powers prove significantly different from those of the characters mentioned above…

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