What happened in the ending of Bridgerton season 2?

Before season 3 of Bridgertonon Netflix, which will feature Penelope and Colin, we must remember the end of season 2.

The wait was long, but Lady Whistledown is back in action: season 3 of The Bridgerton Chronicles will be put online this Thursday, May 16. At least, the first part, made up of 4 episodes. The second part will arrive in June, also with 4 episodes. But where had we left the characters, just before this season 3? (Warning, spoilers for season 2 of the series)


Penelope and Eloise

One of the most sympathetic and solid friendships in the series ended at the end of season 2: that between Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan). In question, Eloise learns Penelope's secret identity, namely Lady Whistledown. But even more, this revelation comes just after the Whistledown bulletin – including Penelope – endangered Eloise's reputation. The two young women will no longer want to talk to each other when we begin season 3. But it remains to be seen whether Eloise will keep the secret.

Eloise learned of Penelope's secret activity... // Source: Netflix
Eloise learned of Penelope's secret activity… // Source: Netflix

Anthony and Kate

After episodes and episodes (and more episodes) of turning around, because of their fear of seeing their love come to light, Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate (Simone Ashley) finally got married. At the end of season 2, they go on their honeymoon. At the start of season 3, we will therefore find them returning to London society, fully experiencing their love and making their mark as a family.

Anthony and Kate: their story ends in marriage, in season 2. // Source: NetflixAnthony and Kate: their story ends in marriage, in season 2. // Source: Netflix
Anthony and Kate: their story ends in marriage, in season 2. // Source: Netflix

Edwina, Kate's sister, meets a prince introduced to her by Queen Charlotte. We don't know if their meeting will lead to anything – and Charithra Chandran is not supposed to be in the cast of season 3. We will probably have to glean an answer from one sentence or another from Kate…

Penelope and Colin

Let's come to the love interest at the heart of this new chapter: Penelope and Colin (Luke Newton). There are some very clear obstacles at the end of season 2:


  • During one of the last scenes, Penelope overhears a discussion between Colin and his group of friends. He declares, in summary, that “he would never court a girl like her”. A contemptuous reflection, which does not fail to strike Penelope – who has always been in love with Colin despite their friendship. As for Colin, we suspect that he is lying to himself, but how will he realize it?
  • Colin is unaware that Penelope is Whistledown. But his sister, Eloise, yes. How much could Penelope's secret identity drive them apart, if he found out?
We're waiting for Colin around the corner. // Source: NetflixWe're waiting for Colin around the corner. // Source: Netflix
We're waiting for Colin around the corner. // Source: Netflix

The trailer for season 3 also reveals that Penelope will try to find a husband, with the help of Colin. Who has become something of a heartthrob since his return from his trip. Enough to create very funny situations.

Lady Featherington

Lady Featherington (Polly Walker) is finally rid of Jack Featherington (Rupert Young) and his schemes: at the end of the season, she foils his plan to get her hands on their fortune and their family, and he therefore ends up go. Along the way, she recovers part of the money to shelter her daughters. Moreover, two of his daughters were married at the end of the season.


Annoyed that Anthony had paid the academy to admit him into their artistic ranks, Benedict Bridgerton (Luke Thompson) left the establishment. It remains to be seen what his vocation will be in this new season.


Francesca Bridgerton was relatively little present during seasons 1 and 2. We don't know much about the personality of the character, who was more hidden until then. But she will nevertheless be central in season 3. It is especially important to remember that she is the “sixth child” in Bridgerton, and the third girl after Daphne and Eloise. It is therefore his turn to “enter society”, during this season 3.

The new face of Francesca Bridgerton. // Source: NetflixThe new face of Francesca Bridgerton. // Source: Netflix
The new face of Francesca Bridgerton. // Source: Netflix

A new actress will also take on the features of Franscesa, since Ruby Stokes is replaced by Hannah Dodd.

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