Well-known devs are proudly showing off their worst games

Gollum’s graphics are among the biggest points of criticism.

The German stealth adventure The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is being completely torn apart by the fans and gaming press right now. According to Metacritic, Gollum is currently the worst-rated game of the year.

It also looks really bleak when it comes to the number of players: At the time of release, a maximum of 758 people were in the game at the same time, the indie shooter Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun has a value that is ten times as high and is slowly becoming the biggest Steam hit Week.

The developers of Daedalic have not made any official statements yet, but they certainly will not like the current situation. But the Germans aren’t the first studio to have to deal with the feeling of failure. On Twitter, many developer veterans are now showing their support for the Gollum makers and proudly presenting their own failures.

This is how colleagues encourage the Gollum team

The support was kicked off by Dannie Carlone, who worked at Sony’s Santa Monica Studios on hits such as God of War Ragnarok. But before the big success, he also wears it Sonic Boom: Lyrics Rise contributed – a actually pretty miserable platformer with the blue hedgehog Sonic for the Wii U.

To this day, however, he has not regretted this project – quite the opposite:

Games are hard to make. Regardless of the score, each project has its positive sides and lessons.
I’m showing my lowest scoring game because I’m proud of the time I’ve spent with some of my favorite people in this industry.

Some things are not in your hands. Be nice to each other.

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With his tweet, he triggered a wave of support: Numerous developers proudly show their own failures under his post.

Among other things reported the graphic artist Arman Nouriwho worked on the game for the 2013 Star Trek movie and later on games like Mechwarrior 5 could celebrate greater successes:

My first game that I worked on in the gaming industry. We all knew it was bad while we were working on it. But I’ve evolved as an artist and learned what not to do in all my future games.

John Butkus, who is now a developer at World of Warcraft, started his career in 2000 with a big failure – the wrestling game WCW Backstage Assault:

Here’s my “lowest score”… it was my first job in the industry out of college and the team was absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed working on it.

In the replies to Carlone’s tweet, numerous other developers came out, who had a whole bunch of forgotten game pearls dig up. Among other things, the devs have titles like the film release flops Terminator Salvation and blades 2, Gladiatora (a kind of American Gladiators from Sweden) and Rock’em Socks’em Robotsthe lowest rated game for the Gameboy Advance, in their vita.

But today no one gets angry about his or her failures, after all, all of them later experienced more successful times professionally. And of course we keep our fingers crossed that the developers at Daedalic will soon feel the same way.