We Are Football 2024 Test – Anschlag's grandson continues to rise, one dimension, no new one


The start of the series three years ago was bumpy. Our test shows whether kick-off creator Gerald Köhler and his team have made the right adjustments at We Are Football 2024.

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All screenshots and video scenes come from GamersGlobal

As Jürgen Klinsmann When he became coach of FC Bayern Munich in the summer of 2008, he promised: “I want to make every player a little better every day.” Ten months later it was clear: he couldn't keep his promise and he had to resign. What that with We Are Football has to do? Well, it's exactly the opposite of Klinsmann's statement. Gerald Köhler and his team at Winning Streak Games have promised nothing of the sort, but have steadily improved their game, right down to the latest real prank We Are Football 2024.

A quick look back, even if you can read the points of criticism in the test yourself (original rating: 6.5, the upgrade to 7.0 followed in 2021): When We Are Football was released in the summer of 2021, a few design blunders spoiled the fun. But the development studio from Cologne not only learned from mistakes, it also consistently corrected them. 16 more or less major updates by December 2022, a DLC with national teams a month earlier and numerous bug fixes until mid-2023 speak for themselves: someone is listening to criticism. Almost everything we criticized in the test has been improved.

In the following lines I will tell you how the successor We Are Football 2024 is doing. In the test video, I chose a slightly different approach to demonstrate the flow of the game: In it, I guide you through a complete game day (which, due to cuts, is on average only about three minutes shorter than in real playing time).


An extremely helpful screen. Particularly reassuring for the manager’s heart: There are no outstanding warnings!

A new dimension

For those who have absolutely no idea what We Are Football 2024 could be, a quick summary: It is the latest football manager game from Gerald Köhler (Kicking off, Soccer manager). In contrast to the competitor from Sports Interactive/Sega, where your activities are limited to the role of team manager based on the British model, here you have the big picture in mind again, from the line-up and training to marketing and stadium expansion to fan club meetings. Another big difference to Football Manager is the time: In We Are Football it's not about planning the line-up down to the smallest detail and exactly every match day. Fast progress is the priority. This means that the two titles are representatives of the same genre, but they follow a different approach.

So how does We Are Football 2024 play now? Just as Winning Streak Games promises: It is a relaxed football manager game in which humor is not neglected and in which the fun of the game is the focus. First you have the choice between men's and women's football, then you can determine the number of simulated countries and the number of players. Create your manager, decide whether you want to play with or without a family as a feature, select the level of difficulty – only to be faced with the question: If I only want to play one World Cup or European Championship, I'll start my own club, I'll start as small light a real career (three lower-class clubs are suggested to you after a short question and answer session) or do I choose my favorite club straight away? And then it starts. You negotiate your contract, discuss the budget and season goals with the board, can change the jersey design and numbers – and you're in the game.

Not a new one

After all the improvements to its predecessor, We Are Football 2024 now goes one step further. Although little has changed in the gameplay, many small and large improvements increase the fun of the game. Perhaps the most important positive innovation: Instead of the strange game scenes of the predecessor, you can now see 3D games in front of you. They can't keep up with the graphic opulence of a modern football simulation and also look weaker than their direct competition Football Manager 2024 (in the short test). But still this change gives an atmosphere bonus.

It's a shame, however: you won't find licenses like the ones in the predecessor's Bundesliga edition, which included the top two German leagues for men and women. There are only borrowed names of clubs (Bavaria Munich, Primera Cologne, Stier Leipzig) and players (Marco Nordmann instead of Manuel Neuer, Milan Roll instead of Marco Reus, players were created at random for foreign clubs), and every portrait is generated by an AI . The fans will fix this as quickly as possible with a user file, but I can't take it into account for the test. And without a mod, the basic version is already an atmosphere killer.

Also new: the cabin seismograph. It shows who likes you and who doesn't like you.