Wayfinder – Wayfinder unveils its redesign and abandons its online component

After Digital Extreme's abandonment of the project and a withdrawal of sales, Wayfinder will make its return with a major overhaul expected for the end of May.

Announced as a action-RPG with a strong online component, Wayfinder will abandon this part of his gameplay to refocus, announces Airship Syndicate studiowhich revealed the contours of the redesign announced a month ago.


Abandonment of online and PS4 version

The studio had withdrawn its title, still in early access, from sale on Steam and Playstation in order to regain control of a development weighed down by the abandonment of its publisher, Digital Extreme (Warframe). In order to support its title, Airship Syndicate reveals that the entire “MMO” part is abandoned in order to make way for an action-RPG playable in solo or in cooperation (up to three players), without having to be connected to the internet (if you play alone).

Wayfinder will also be called Wayfinder Echoes on this occasion and will become compatible with the Steam Deck.

“We realize this is a major change, but necessary to ensure the game is here forever,” the studio explains.

This redesign therefore abandons online saves, and therefore cross-save. The different founding packs are also withdrawn in favor of a single price, 24.99 euros. Those who had purchased more expensive packs will keep the cosmetic bonuses and will benefit from a currency that can be used in-game in the event that you still have the previously premium currency, in particular due to the fact that all micro-transactions are removed from Wayfinder.

At the same time, the studio promises “refined” gameplay with numerous items to collect randomly in the world – and which were until now available in the store.


The studio promises support “over several years” with new classes. A new hero will also be offered with Echoes, and in the coming months, a new area to explore will be launched.

The release of Wayfinder Echoes is expected on May 31 for current owners of the game, and for June 11 on Steam (the version PS5 will wait until summer). On the other hand, bad news for PS4 players: this version is canceled. Airship Syndicate invites players to refer to the PS5 version, includingupgrade is free.

Also clarification: Wayfinder Echoes will still be in early access after June 11, time to continue the updates. During this one, a version Xbox Series will be launched. The official release is planned for the end of 2024 at a higher price than early access.