Watch Malaysia Airlines 370. Documentary from National Geographic.

National Geographic has posted that episode from their series Drain the Oceans which buys a Malaysia Airlines aircraft that disappeared without a trace during a flight between Malaysia and China.

It was on March 8, 2014 that Malaysia Airlines 370 disappeared from radar around 40 minutes after the plane took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. On board the aircraft were 227 passengers and 12 crew members. Exactly what happened when the aircraft disappeared is still not determined.

In National Geographic’s section on Malaysia Airlines 370, experts and computer graphics are used to show the difficulties in locating a plane that disappeared over the ocean.

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370) was an international passenger flight operated by Malaysia Airlines that disappeared on 8 March 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia to its planned destination, Beijing Capital International Airport. The crew of the Boeing 777-200ER registered as 9M-MRO, last communicated with air traffic control (ATC) around 38 minutes after takeoff when the flight was over the South China Sea. The aircraft was lost from ATC radar screens minutes later, but was tracked by military radar for another hour, deviating westward from its planned flight path, crossing the Malay Peninsula and Andaman Sea. It left radar range 200 nautical miles northwest of Penang Island in northwestern Peninsular Malaysia.

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