Was the most popular hero canceled?

What is Sony doing with the most popular and best-known Marvel hero? The Playstation manufacturer owns an extremely valuable license. Long before Disney acquired the comic book publisher Marvel and many of the rights to heroes like Iron Man, Captain America or the Hulk acquired, the Japanese consumer electronics and entertainment group secured the Spider-Man brand. And is still sticking to it adamantly.

Who does Spider-Man belong to?

Long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe the most successful film series of all time Tobey Maguire thrilled the masses in 2002 as the first Spider-Man in modern superhero cinema. A total of five films were made, two of them with Andrew Garfield in the lead role, released by Sony Pictures – within just 12 years. Why this rush?


Apparently Sony is obliged to release Spider-Man films to cinemas at regular intervals in order for the license to remain effective. And so they joined in just two years after their last screen adventure Andrew Garfield eventually teamed up with Disney and integrated Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from then on played by Tom Holland. What happened then?

In order to continue to benefit from the fame and popularity of the friendly spider next door, they called out Sony's Spider-Man Universe into life. A series of films that deal with Peter Parker's adversaries and villains. Two Venom films became box office hits, Morbius and Madam Web flopped brutally. So far Spider-Man is still did not appear in any of these spin-offsbut that was apparently planned completely differently.

Was Spider-Man canceled from the last Marvel film?

Already during the production of Morbius, which was released in cinemas in 2022, photos from the filming revealed a connection to Sony's Spider-Man trilogy with Tobey Maguire. All of these clues, such as the appropriate Daily Bugle logo, were no longer found in the final film. This is obviously where Spider-Man first appeared from an SSU film canceled.


Concept images by Madame Web reveal how Tom Holland as Spider-Man fights against the villain from Madame Web – even though the film features three female versions of the spider. Here, too, the question arises as to why a potential guest appearance by the Avengers was rejected. The makers of Madame Web are keeping a low profile on this matter. Whether Spider-Man could have prevented the catastrophic flop of the last Marvel film remains to be seen.

Source: Comic Book Movie