Walkie-talkie on your smartphone! Microsoft Teams has received a new feature

Remember those small devices that allowed communication on a limited range? Walkie-talkies are still used, but… who didn’t dream of a walkie-talkie as a kid? Thanks to the Teams update, you can have it on your smartphone!

Microsoft Teams with walkie-talkie feature

This popular communication platform has been enjoying great popularity recently. In the Product of the Year 2021 plebiscite, organized by the editors of benchmark.pl Microsoft Teams won first place in the remote communication platform category with an overwhelming advantage over the second place on the podium.

Microsoft is clearly not slowing down and is presenting an update that introduces the feature walkie-talkie for all mobile devices with iOS / iPadOS and Android. In addition, it goes to selected Zebra devices (equipped with a push-to-talk button).

One button – that’s it. Simple enough, right?

How do I turn on the walkie-talkie feature in Teams and what to use it for?

The walkie-talkie tab should be on the bottom navigation bar right after the latest Microsoft Teams update.

However, if this is not the case – select the button More options and find the feature that allows you to use your smartphone like a walkie-talkie.

Is it a necessary functionality? Well, for some it probably is. Microsoft directs the function primarily to first-line customer service employees (e.g. for use in stores). And although in this case it will work best, it does may also turn out to be an improvement in conversations with friends as well.

Do you use Teams? Let me know in the comments if you will try the new feature.

Source: theverge.com

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