W35+: Elipson timidly updates its sound ball


The W35+ takes up many of the characteristics of the first W35 of the name by optimizing its connectivity and promising better sound reproduction.

Elipson’s emblematic connected wireless speaker has been improved very subtly with the arrival of the new W35+ model. This swaps its USB-A port for an RJ45 port on the back to facilitate connection of the speaker to a local network and/or to the Elipson Connect multiroom network. The optical S/PDIF input, the mini-jack port as well as the wifi and Bluetooth connectivity (aptX codec support) always answer the call. The W35+ supports the same audio formats as its predecessor: MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC and AAC up to 24 bits / 44.1 kHz.

The second novelty is to be found in the design of the grilles protecting the loudspeakers. According to Elipson, these new grilles would provide better diffusion of high frequencies while maintaining good midrange and bass performance. No change however on the side of the acoustic architecture. There are two 16.5 cm loudspeakers dealing with the midrange and bass accompanied by two 2.5 cm silk dome tweeters, all arranged in a stereophonic configuration. All these beautiful people are powered by a class D amplifier capable of delivering a maximum power of 350 W RMS.

Like the acoustic architecture, the enclosure design remains identical between the two models. The W35+ is therefore in the form of a ball 35 cm in diameter displaying 7.9 kg on the scale. It can be placed directly on a surface thanks to non-slip pads or attached to a three-legged stand, a wall support or a ceiling support.

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